Stories from the Studio: Waste to Art with Councillor Suzy Brandstater

Many months of work came to fruition this week with the opening of the Waste to Art Wollondilly Exhibition & Competition. The annual award reached a new peak in 2023 with 50 works on display created by 80+ artists from across the STA Region.

Councillor Suzy Brandstater had the honour of being one of the judges for this year’s prize. A tough job any year but this year was especially difficult due to the outstanding calibre of the entries.

Once the crowds left the opening event on Thursday, we joined Suzy for a walk around the exhibition. You’re invited to join us….

And the winners are….The top prize has been taken out by Hope by Al Phemister
Hope is a Regent Honeyeater, featuring Hoary Sunrays. Both of these species are critically endangered in Australia with remnant populations existing in the Yass Valley. These sculptures were made by community members at a workshop held to raise awareness.

Waste to Art Wollondilly, Exhibition and Competition

Our region’s premier Waste to Art exhibition. With $2600 in prizes on offer. A gallery full of creative treasure made from trash. Be dazzled and amazed by what’s not going to landfill or ending up in our environment.

Visit the exhibition live in Picton (6-8 July) or anytime online

Waste to Art Wollondilly is an annual Wollondilly Shire Council project delivered by STA.  Illegal Dumping of waste is an issue in our community find out more…

The Judges had a tough time this year. Huge thanks to Susan Brindle and Suzy for their tireless support of the arts.

Mayor Matt Gould was on hand to congratulate the prize winning artists, including Belinda Taylor from Wollondilly Anglican College

Daphne Robinson created a Turtle that was a clear crowed fav

Owen Taylor impressed with his Steam Train

Cl Michael Banasik and Artist Jean Mills

Judy Hanna MP, Clr Brandstater and the Mayor

Al Phemister
Reclaimed steel, wire netting & discarded clothes
Hope is a Regent Honeyeater, featuring Hoary Sunrays. Critically endangered with remnant populations in the Yass Valley. Made at a community workshop.
1000 x 1200 x 1800mm
WINNNER OPEN – (18+) 1st Prize $1,300

Small Impact Studio
The bottle dissected
1 Glass wine bottle
Transforming glass wine bottles into stunning jewellery & tableware through meticulous craft
Dimensions variable
Earrings $65 Necklace $95  Vase $45 & Bowl $60 Enquire
WINNNER OPEN – (18+) 2nd Prize $400


Dinah Vandermeys
Sweet Virginia
Chair, light bulbs, cigar case, timber
$400 Enquire 
WINNNER OPEN – (18+) 3rd Prize $300

Linda Burgess
Whales, mother and calf
Reclaimed wood, steel, papier-mache of paper, canvas, fabric & plastic
The ‘save the whales’ campaign is where I first learned about the impact of people power on the environment.
215x600x420mm & 110x375x 410mm
$315 Enquire 
WINNNER OPEN – (18+) 4th Prize $100

Owen Taylor
Steam Train
Aluminium can, cardboard, hot glue, bottle caps, electric tooth brush head, texta, pen, straws, plastic, metal &  toys 350x150x250mm
$50 Enquire

Daphne Robinson
turtle tears
Plastic bags,dog tins,chicken trays
Turtles are one of the many sea creatures struggling from pollution. They will live longer if we stop illegal dumping.
$20  Enquire

Wollondilly Anglican students
Rainbow recycling
Cardboard & plastic
A collaboration of year 4 & year 10 Visual Arts students from Wollondilly Anglican College
900x50x1200mm 7 pieces


Rory Dickeson
Franklin the turtle
Bike parts, timber, foil
Year 8 support unit at Picton High School. Created at a Waste to Art school workshop.
Dimensions variable
WINNER YOUTH (12 -17 YEARS) $200

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