Afternoon Art Club at Home with Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

French Knitting with Sally O’Neill

Join Sally as she helps you learn French knitting using resources you will find around the home. 

Presented as part of a very special partnership between STA and Goulburn Regional Art Gallery.

We recommend you watch the whole video before you get started. 

You will need:

  • A paper Cup with the end cut out.
  • 4 wooden sticks
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Wool

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French Knitting

  • Make your knitting nancy by taping four smooth sticks around the roll or cup, equal distance apart.
  • Tie your woolloosely onto a stick. Cast your stitches on by winding around each stick once only, travelling around the knitting nancy. 
  • Begin knitting by running the wool above the old stitch on the next stick (travel anti-clockwise is you are right handed or clockwise if you are left handed). 
  • Cast off your old stitch by lifting it out up and over the wool and off the stick to create a new stitch. 
  • Move to the next stitch and repeat. 

Trouble Shooting

  • If you slip a stitch, carefully lift it back onto your stick. Ask an Adult for help if you need to. 
  • You should only have one stitch per stick.If you have more cast off your extra stitches by lifting he stitches at the base of the stick our, up and over the top stitch and off the stick. 
  • To change colours cut your wool and attach a new colour using an overhand knot. 
  • As your knitting gets longer you may need to roll your knitting into a ball. 

Casting off

  • When you feel like your knitting is long enough you can cast off from your knitting nancy. 
  • Carefully pull one stitch off at a time and thread the end of your wool through. Pull tight. 

Send us a pic – tag us @southerntablelandsarts – or use #StaKids #GoulburnRegionalArtGallery

Want more? 

How long is your french knitting? Here are some ways to use your knitting. 

  • Wear it around you neck like a scarf, or make a scarf for your favourite toy! 
  • Wrap it around your head to wear like a headband or tie around your ponytail or bun like a scrunchie (you can even put some elastic through).
  • Create bunting by tying, tacking or taping to your bedroom wall. 
  • Coil your knitting and a running stitch to make a mat, small or large!


Afternoon Art Club is a nine week program of creative fun and learning. Each term, projects are designed to develop children’s skills to express ideas through making, encourage enjoyment in the process of creating and to develop and refine art making skills. A variety of projects are worked on and designed in response to the interests of the class and may include drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, performance and new media. 

We will be celebrating the end of year with a small celebration in our Afternoon Art Club groups in the final week of the year. We will have some fun Christmas inspired art and craft and music to enjoy. 

Bookings for this program are made directly with the Gallery.

About Sally O’Neill

Sally has worked at Goulburn Regional Art Gallery as Education Officer since November 2013. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UNSW Art & Design and has completed formal studies in Education and Nursing. Combining her passions of visual arts and teaching, Sally has found her niche developing and delivering an ambitious Education Program to the Goulburn community. Sally’s work covers young people of all ages – Afternoon Art Club, Art Teenies, school holiday workshops as well as a host of tailored programs for schools. Sally works collaboratively with artists and brings contemporary art to the young people of Goulburn with sensitivity and flair. She also maintains her own artistic practice and exhibits locally. Her interests include painting, drawing, collage and sewing. Check out Sally’s Mural What a Cowtasrophe in Crookwell. Sally also has murals all over Goulburn in schools and at the PCYC.  

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