An Exhibition of Contemporary Works by Indigenous Artist Jodie Munday

Jodie Munday has been been studying art and building my skills for most of her life. She loves working in a variety of art forms including drawing using various mediums, photography, printmaking, pottery, wood burning and a new found interest in painting. Many of her works are a combination resulting in mixed media forms once completed.

Jodie loves to represent nature in most of her work in inspired by, wildlife, flora, and a rural lifestyle and observing patterns that she finds within different environments and using elements her Celtic, Aboriginal and British heritage.

One Land Many People – Detail

Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas

91cm x 91cm

$2060.00     Enquiries


This work is a representation of our land and our people. The Magenta background is symbolic of our rich soils and our rich history. The large waterhole in the background connects life and land to water which both need to survive and thrive.

The black and white circles in the centre of the image represent our ancestors.

Spreading out across the work are many orange circles which represent different people and different mobs. These circles are joined across many paths to each other and our ancestors.

This work tells the story that no matter how far we travel or what path we take in life we are always connected to our ancestors and we travel our journey with their knowledge, strength and guidance always by our sides and in our hearts.

Healing Power – Detail

Mixed Media Drawing on Fabriano Paper

70cm x 47cm

$1300.00    SOLD


This work depicts the connection between our families, communities, people and the land.

The circles are shaped as plants and leaves to show the healing power of nature in our culture. This comes from being on country, the connection our people have spiritually, emotionally and physically to the land we live upon and the healing powers of our natural food sources.

The circles overlap and intertwine to show the connection between our families and communities and the strength, identity of self, belonging, support and healing powers these connections provide amongst our people.

The colours are vibrant and strong showing the strength and courage of our different personalities and people throughout time and into the present day.

The work has no clear boundary it continues on in an evolving pattern just as our people will continue on into future generations.

Many Rivers To Cross

Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas

40cm x 122cm

$2100.00      Enquiries

River Rock Dreams

Wood Burnt Pine Coffee Table with Coloured Pencil

123cm x 61cm

$1400.00         Enquiries


Acrylic Paint Pour with Acrylis Paint Pen

20cm x 20cm 

$100.00  SOLD

Wind in My Sails 

Mixed Media work on Burlap Canvas

30cm x 30cm 

$300.00      Enquiries


Acrylic Paint Pour with Acrylic Paint Pen

38cm x 31cm

$160.00      Enquiries

Rainbow Woolies

Mixed Media on Canvas Board

53cm x 73cm

$380.00       Enquiries

Wildflowers No 2

Acrylic Paint Pour with Acrylic Paint Pen

20cm x 20cm

$100.00  SOLD


Acrylic Paint Pour with Acrylic Paint Pen

38cm x 30cm 

$160.00      Enquiries


Wood Burnt Natural Board

40cm Diameter

$190.00      Enquiries


Wood Burnt Acacia Serving Board

38cm Diameter

$190.00      Enquiries

“Nature Takes Over”


30cm x 38cm

$80.00    SOLD



29cm x 37cm 

$80.00      Enquiries



32cm x 44cm

$110.00  SOLD


Photograph of sunset and sunrise in same location on the same day.

Framed together

44cm x 62cm

$230.00    SOLD



44cm x 32cm

$110.00      Enquiries



43cm x 43cm

$110.00     Enquiries



44cm x 32cm

$110.00   SOLD

Dancing on The River

Mixed Media Drawing on Fabriano Paper.

53cm x 43cm

$850.00     Enquiries

One Land Many People

Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas

91cm x 91cm

$2060.00     Enquiries

Eucalypt Bride

Wood Burnt Bamboo Serving Board

25cm x 40cm

$190.00      Enquiries

Sweet Nectar

Wood Burnt Acacia Serving Board

35cm Diameter

$190.00      Enquiries


Wood Burnt Acacia Serving Board

35cm Diameter

$190.00     Enquiries


Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

76cm x 51cm

$450.00     Enquiries


Acrylic Paint Pour with Acrylic Paint Pen

20cm Diameter

$160.00      Enquiries

Moonlight Serenade

Acrylis Paint Pour with Acrylic Paint Pen

30.5cm Diameter

$200.00     Enquiries

Moonlight Kooka

Wood Burnt Acacia Serving Board

30cm Diameter

$190.00     Enquiries

Delicate Balance of The Mind

Mixed Media on Paper

62cm x 45cm

$480.00       Enquiries


Acrylic Paint on Handsaw

15cm x 66cm

$465.00     Enquiries

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