STA Members Exhibition
2- 31 December 2021

STA present this exhibition to share with you some of the most exciting work being produced currently by Artists across the Southern Tablelands and Highlands. Creative, absorbing and alluring the STA Members Exhibition includes 28 makers who have created paintings, sculptures, ceramic pieces, jewellery, woodwork, prints, works on paper and more. 

Please consider these amazing works for yourself or as the perfect gift for family and friends. Created locally with love. Enquires for all works go directly to the Artists.

Raewyn Carboni: Wingecarribee

Essence, 2021
oil and cold wax on wood panel,
30 x 30cm
$350.00  Enquire

Spectrum 2021  
oil on linen 110 x 65cm in oak frame $1,600.00    Enquire

Serenity now, 2021
oil on linen 82 x 41cm x  oak wood frame
$1,300            Enquire

Lorraine Coles: Wingecarribee

Azurine Sky – inspired by The Pool at Karinya, by Lloyd Rees 2020
Pastel, Acrylic and Inks 57 x77cm
$375.00     Enquire

Ruth Dodd: Yass Valley

Wahlenbergia Glorioso 2018
Oil on canvas paper 39 x 29 cm
$240 unframed or $300 Framed

Coral-bark Maples in Autumn, Yass River, NSW 2020
Oil on treated board
60 x 60cm
$400 ($500 framed)  Enquire

Ebb Tide, Pambula River, NSW 2021
60 x 60cm
$400 ($500 framed)      Enquire

Maryanne Devey: Yass Valley

Bird bowl 2021
25×4.5 cm
$120          Enquire

Porcelain earrings 2021
2.5×3 cm
$35              Enquire

Canister 2021
$90      Enquire

Cat Doyle: Wingecarribee

Girl in a Red Chair 2021
Acrylic on canvas 49.5×39.5cm
$625  Enquire

L’Atelier de l’artiste (Self-Portrait) 2021
Oil on canvas 40x40cm
$495      Enquire

Falling 2019
Acrylic on canvas 40x40cm
$495      Enquire

Small Sculptural Bowls x 2 2021
Ceramic W 13  x D 13 x H 9cm
$120.00  Enquire

Medium Sculptural bowl 2021
Ceramic W 21.5 x D 21.5 x H7.5cm
$90.00    Enquire

Rosa Fedele: Wingecarribee

Oil on Canvas 76.2cm x 61cm
$990   Enquire

Oil on Canvas 76.2cm x 61cm
$990    Enquire

Oil on Board 2 x 30cm Tondo
$795    Enquire 

Tracy Hopkirk: Wingecarribee

Game of Thrones Inspired Necklace Round Blue Water Drop 2021
Sterling Silver set Blue quartz with 3 strands of Freshwater Pearls with Pink South Sea Drop 25mm x 25mm (stone) x 45cm length 
$1600.00    Enquire

Game of Thrones Inspired Necklace Square Blue Water Drop 2021
Sterling Silver set Blue quartz with 2 strands of White Freshwater Pearls with Black South Sea Drop
21mm x 21mm (stone) x 45cm length   $1500.00    Enquire

Game of Thrones Inspired Necklace Soft Pink Amethyst
Sterling Silver set Amethyst with Rose Quartz drop with 1 strand Pink freshwater pearls
22mm x 15mm (stone) x 45cm length    $1500.00      Enquire

Lynne Flemons: Goulburn Mulwaree

Magic Morning 2021
Acrylic on stretched canvas 76x76cm
$2200  Enquire

Kianga Daze 2021
Acrylic on stretched canvas 76x76cm
$2200      Enquire

Margarita Georgiadis: Upper Lachlan

Variables of Uncertainty #12 2021
oil on canvas 30 x 30cm 
$850 Enquire

Variables of Uncertainty #10 2021
Oil on canvas 30x30cm
$850    Enquire

Variables of Uncertainty #13 2021
Oil on canvas 30 x 30cm
$850    Enquire

Sandy Lockwood: Wingecarribee

Porcelain Vase 2020
ceramics 15.5 x10cm 
$110    Enquire

Tall Blue Vase 2021
Ceramics  19.5 x 20cm 
$480        Enquire

Tall Jug 2020
ceramics 24 x 14 x 12.5cm 
$190        Enquire

Nessa Lovell: Yass Valley

Woodgrain 2021
Alcohol ink on Yupo Paper (unframed) 65 x 91cm
$1066 Enquire

Mermaid’s Forest 2021
Alcohol ink on Yupo Paper (unframed) 65 x 91cm
$1066           Enquire

Wandering 2021

Alcohol ink on Yupo Paper (unframed) 51 x 76cm
$699    Enquire

Ben Lyon: Wollondilly

Turned casuarina bowl, 2021
Casurina 12x 15 cm
$120 Enquire

Bandsaw box, 2021
Cedar  20 x 12 cm
$80            Enquire

Wombat, 2020
Cedar 15 x 8 cm
$75         Enquire

Doreen Lyon: Wollondilly

White faced honey eater in grevillea 2021 Plants eco printed into paper and bird hand painted on top.  5 x 9 inches
$100   SOLD

Storm over Murramurrang 2020
Collage from mono prints: 12 inches x 9 inches
$70    Enquire

HABITAT; shelter, water, food. space 2021 
Unique hand sewn and eco printed artist’s concertina book finished with mixed media illustrations. closed 5’ x 5” and 27 inches open fully.       
$100            Enquire

Ekaterina Mortensen: Goulburn Mulwaree

Little Girl 2021
watercolour 21x29cm (unframed)
$110 Enquiries

Old Lansdowne Bridge 2021
acrylics on paper on board 35x26cm
$150  Enquiries

Just Friends 2021
watercolour 39x56cm (unframed)
$450      Enquiries

Alex Mortensen: Goulburn Mulwaree

Nude Girl with Flowers, 2018
Acrylics 31X40cms
$200  Enquire

Immolation, 2014
Acrylics 61x91com
$300    Enquire

High Peaks, 2020
Acrylics, 51x91cm
$300        Enquire

Jodie Munday: Goulburn Mulwaree

River Rock Dreams 2021
Mixed Media, pencil, pastel and woodburning on coffee table W61 x L123 x H45cm 
POA       Enquire

Top: Sunflowers, 2021
Acrylic Paint on Handsaw, 15.5 x 66cm
$465.00     Enquire

Bottom: Many Rivers to Cross 2021
Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x122cm
$2100.00         Enquire

Tilly Myers: Wingecarribee

Botanica Umbra Terras, 2021
Acrylic illustrated painting 120x90cm
$500 Enquire

Botanica Mentha 2021
Acrylic illustrated painting 90x60cm
$450    Enquire

Botanica Tentator 2021
Acrylic illustrated painting 150x100cm
$850   SOLD

Barbara Nell: Goulburn Mulwaree

Steps of Minerva Temple, 2020
Oil on Canvas 41 x 51 cm
$680                     Enquire

Approaching the Piazza. 2020
Oil on Canvas 41 x 51 cm
$680                   Enquire

Chiesa Nuova, 2020
Oil on Canvas 41 x 51 cm
$680                Enquire

Sally O’Neill: Goulburn Mulwaree

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Her scents (in red) 2020
Acrylic on canvas 51 x 41 cm
$450  Enquire

Abstraction by a figurative painter 2021
Acrylic on canvas 51 x 41 cm
$150          Enquire

Memories of gum leaves from iso 2021
Acrylic on canvas 51 x 41 cm
$150            Enquire

Nina Roderick: Hilltops

Grazing Highlander 2021
Acrylic on canvas 121x91com
$750   Enquire

Hanging Around 2019
Watercolour, 56 x 45.5 framed
$150            Enquire

Cassowary 2019
Pastels, 66 x54.5 framed
$250            Enquire

Heather Ruhl: Hilltops

Fuel to Burn
Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic Mountain
Collage Left over dried acrylic paint
$150 Enquiries

Penny Simons: Wingecarribee

Banksia Totem 2020
Wood, banksia leaves, grasses
100 x 20 x 5cm
$500  Enquire

Lightbox: Fish/Sea Dragon, Josh Fox quote 2021
Archival print and lightbox
440 x 600 x 50cm
$580    Enquire

Buddha head 2020
Weeping willow, stone
40 x 28 x 10cm
$450    Enquire

Step Ladder Pendant 2018
H 4 x W 2 x D 2.5cm
Chain length: 85cm
$340 Enquire

Chair Pendant 2018
H 4 x W 2.5 x D 2.5cm
Chain Length: 80cm
$248 Enquire

Bookshelf Pendant 2018
H 4.5 x W4.5 x D 1cm
Chain length: 85cm
$340    Enquire

Bev Steeden: Wingecarribee

Acrylic, palette knife. 41cm x 51cm
$180 Enquire

abstract acrylic and crayon on canvas board. 46cm x 55cm.
$120 Enquire

Misty Ranges
Acrylic and crayon 53cm x 53cm
$180 Enquire

Savanna Storm: Wingecarribee

Antique Amulet Pendant from Rajasthan India 2021
ncient Himalayan Rock Crystal beads, circa 300 ad, Ancient components
$1800  Enquire

Antique Silver Pendant from Gujarati, India 2021
Graduated green freshwater pearls triple strand necklace. Antique components. 
$2000   Enquire

Fluorite with fresh water pearls, jade, amethyst and a rough cut diamond and silver bead pendant, set in silver 2021
$1200      Enquire

Sally Waterford: Wingecarribee

Bereavement 2021
ceramic sculpture (bronze patination) 30 x 30 x 25cm
$300  Enquire

Couple time 2020
ceramic sculpture (bronze patination) 22 x 10 x 10cm
$150    Enquire

Reading 2021
ceramic sculpture (bronze patination) 25 x 13 x 15cm
$150      Enquire

Jenny White: Goulburn Mulwaree

Great Gumnuts 2020
Acrylics on stretched canvas 40 x 40cm
Ready to hang
$85     Enquire 

Postcard from Lake Tabourie 2021
Acrylics on stretched canvas 50 x 40cm
Ready to hang
$125    Enquire

Peppercorns and Protea 2020
Acrylics on canvas 40 x 40cm
$95    Enquire

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