This week STA helped with the install of the Waste to Art Exhibition at the Old Post office in Picton.  The Exhibition is open from Monday 28th September to Friday 2 October 10am -2pm. Here’s a sneak peak of the exhibition. View the gallery online here, check out the winners and vote in the STA Peoples Choice Award. 


Image Credit: Bunny Bag, Cody Jones, 2020

Waste to Art Exhibition

STA Peoples’ Choice

The votes are in for the STA Peoples’ Choice Award.

Congratulations to Caleb Dyer for his gorgeous Bunny BagWe have a three way tie for second place with Bob Teasdale, Claudia Bromley and Emma Dyer. Look out for their Stories from the Studio feature which we will publish in the coming weeks.  

An exhibition of works created from materials that might otherwise go to landfill and part of Illuminate Wollondilly. The exhibition invites us to think differently about waste, litter and over consumption through creative thinking. 

Caleb Dyer, Winner STA People's Choice Award with Bunny Bag.

Artists represented in the exhibition are Al Phemister, Bill Dorman, Bob Teasdale, Caleb Dyer, Claudia Bromley, Cody Jones, Emma Dyer, Freya Jobbins, Jane Dyer, Jayley Jones, Jeane Mills, Narelle Noppert, Penny Simons, Rose Marin, Sally Waterford, Sara Phemister and the Art Kids, Susan Brindle, Vianca Maddumapatabendi and Willow Gumbley. 

Check out the online gallery below. 

Feel like getting creative? head over to STA kids for an art activity you can do anytime.

List of Works

Al Phemister

Worn to a Point

steel, Galvanised steel and carbide

$360 SML  $780 LGE

Bill Dorman


muntz metal sourced from the Goulburn Court House dome, hand formed sheet steel and copper.


Highly commended – Open 18+

Bob Teasdale


reclaimed tensioning cable from Burrunjuck Dam wall, and reclaimed flat bar.


Second Place STA Peoples’ Choice 

Bob Teasdale

Four Winds

recycled flat bar, reclaimed Nissan springs


Caleb Dyer

Bunny Bag                          

plastic bags, cardboard, tape, string, texta


Winner STA Peoples’ Choice 

Highly commended – Junior 7-12′

Claudia Bromley

Rainbow Bee Eater

cardboard from food packaging, watercolour, fine line pens, scrap fabric, reclaimed picture frame


Second Place STA Peoples’ Choice 


Cody Jones

Learning From Dad

recycled toys on a felt layered mannequin head.


Highly commended – Junior 7-12

Emma Dyer

Trash Bird

plastic bottle, rubbish collected from the side of the road, paper shopping bags, yarn, stick, paint (from an op shop), cardboard, tape


Second place STA Peoples’ Choice

Highly commended – Junior 7-12

Freya Jobbins


discarded barbie, Ken and baby doll legs, arms,feet, toes and fingers. Re-used cake boards and mdf bases.

$700 sml, $1000 med & $1600 lge

2nd prize – open 18+

Freya Jobbins


used ballet shoes, recycled round board


Jane Dyer

Galaxy Jump                        

cardboard, clean paddle pop sticks, paint (from the op shop), hot glue


Highly commended – Junior 7-12

Jayley Jones


recycled materials dolls, toys, Christmas decorations.


Winner – Junior 7-12

Jeane Mills

Revalued Bespoke Environmentalists

recycled bits and pieces of junk.


Winner – open 18+

Narelle Noppert

Waste to Potting

recycled kitchen pot, used plumbing parts, pallet timber, old wire, old crock pot, old terracotta pot, china plates, china cup handle, tiles, old earrings, plants


Penny Simons

Nature vs Rubbish, Contemporary Spear

branch from Kangaroo Valley bushfire and marine debris from the beaches of Sydney + pods and leaves from the Southern Highlands


Penny Simons

The Lorax (Dr Suess)

branch from Kangaroo Valley bushfire and marine debris from the beaches of Sydney + pods and leaves from the Southern Highlands


Rose Marin

Wheels within Wheels

scrap car parts, hot glue


Sally Waterford 

Not Fantastic Plastic!

packing foam, bubble wrap, sticky tape, horticulture wire, pot plant chain, CDs, chicken wire


Sara Phemister and the Art Kids

Beppo the Flower Eater

wire, drink bottle lids and steel.


Winner – Youth 13-17

Susan Brindle

CITY FRINGE 1             

reclaimed metal, glue


Susan Brindle


SUPC, abandoned metal fruit bowl, venetian blind cord, LED wire string lights


Vianca Maddumapatabendi

Marble Lamp

used marbles, pieces from old toys and pieces from an old lamp


2nd prize – Junior 7-12

Willow Gumbley

The Dress of Reused

waste fashion – neck ties, belt buckle, ribbon, dress and tiny disco balls (seriously there are tiny disco balls) Waste rubbish – chip packets, packing paper, blastic bags, rubber bands


Highly commended – Junior 7-12

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