Poetry with Robyn Sykes

Head outside with Robyn Sykes and learn to write a a poem inspired by nature. 

What can you smell, feel, hear or taste? Robyn will challenge you to describe something without showing what you see. 

Robyn shares with us some of her favourite trees and helps us discover how to write about things in nature.

We recommend you watch the videos before you grab your pen and paper and head outside to be inspired. 


  • Something to write with
  • Something to write on 

Head outside and get writing!

If you want to write more poetry? 

Sign up for the Virtual to Actual online poetry workshops with Robyn on the 22 & 30 September.

Check out the STA Kids Anytime Activity Found Poetry with Wynn Beard.

Send us your poems and we will include them here

Rock Hopping

Rough warm, sharp-edged

Sandy grains against fingers

Climb up

Tall against the sky


– Giselle 

About Robyn

Robyn Sykes is a multi-awarded poet, speaker and entertainer who writes and performs Australian poetry. Robyn’s work draws on her fascination with nature, human behaviour and the idiosyncratic. Her poems are published in journals and anthologies nationally, internationally 

The talented performer loves to entertain at festivals, community events, conferences, schools and more. Audiences around Australia have applauded her energetic renditions, including national and regional festivals.

Her workshops include sessions to hone skills in poetry/prose/performance for both adults and children, how cryptic crosswords help your writing, and drama for children. Robyn also mentors emerging performers and public speakers, judges bush poetry competitions (and coordinates poetry events, including Binalong’s bimonthly A Brush with Poetry.

The livewire presenter has incubated crocodile eggs, lived in Japan, edited a regional town newspaper and focussed an electron microscope. She lives surrounded by her inspiration on a farm in south-west NSW, where she loves to recite poetry to the kookaburras. 


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