Waste to Art Assemblage with Freya Jobbins 

Join Freya as she shows you how to create a fabulous work of art out of upcycled plastic toys.

We recommend you watch the video before you gather your materials and tools together to get inspired.

Before you start find a space to work like an old table or work bench. Get help from your favourite adult for any tricky bits. 

Here’s what you will need to make your artwork;


  • A selection of broken and used  plastic toys

You might have lots of old toys lying around the house already. Always check with the rest of your family to make sure any toys are OK to remake into art.  

If you don’t have any old toys these can be easily and cheaply found at your local charity store.

  • A base 

Or something such as a plastic plate or similar. Also source second hand or from what you already have.


  • Glue Gun and hot melt glue stick

Always remember to use under adult supervision or even get an adult to do the hot gluing parts for you. Remember hot glue can burn so be careful and get help when you need it.

  • Scissors cut apart toys

You might be able to ask your favourite adult to cut up toys using a craft knife. 

We recommend using whole toys where you can to save having to cut them up 🙂

Your local op shop is a great place to find all sorts of cheap and interesting objects that are perfect materials for your next art project.

Buying second hand is also better for our environment. 

Join Freya for a quick look in Picton Vinnies. 

Once you made a fabulous work of art out of waste toys consider entering it it the annual Wollondilly Waste to Art prize. Check to see when entries are open.

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