STA Community Bunting Project

Bunting is the perfect addition to any event, celebration or gathering. The STA Community Bunting project is a great way to turn your scrap fabric into a community resource. Once created the bunting will be available to STA members for events and celebrations.

To get involved all you need to do is create one or more bunting triangles from any colour or pattern scrap fabric (pattern and instructions below). Drop them off to an STA Mobile Office near you.  Not a sewer? Drop scrap fabric to a mobile office and we will make sure it’s turned into beautiful bunting.  

Our friends at Creative Gunning  will also accept your triangles (or fabric) during opening hours 10am-4pm Thursday to Monday. Their gallery is located at 84 Yass Street Gunning.

Creative Gunning will create lengths of colourful festive bunting from what’s submitted by the community. Make as many triangles for inclusion as you like from any fabric in any colour. 

The STA Community Bunting Project is a partnership between Southern Tablelands Arts and Creative Gunning

How to make your bunting triangles:




  • Select some fabric from scraps you already have at home. Or ask family and friends to give you some of their scrap fabric.
  • Or you can request to pick up some fabric from STA. 
  • Any colour or pattern works to make your bunting – the brighter the better.
  • Use the template to cut out fabric triangles.
  • You will need two fabric triangles for every piece of  bunting.


  • Place the pieces on top of each other, right sides of the fabric together
  • Sew the triangles together along the long sides.
  • You can sew using a machine or hand stitch
  • Leave the top edge open


  • Turn the triangle so the right sides of the fabric are on the outside and the seams are inside.

Drop your triangles of at any STA Mobile Office location or to Creative Gunning during open hours and they will be sewn into bunting lengths.

Check STA Mobile Office dates and locations. Check Creative Gunning opening hours at their facebook page.

*If you want to draw your own triangle template here’s how:

  • Fold a piece of A4 paper in half down the long edge.
  • On one of the short edges measure 7.5cm from the centre fold on both sides and make a mark. This is now the top edge on the pattern.
  • Measure 15cm down the middle fold from the top edge and make a mark. This is now the centre fold of our triangle.
  • Draw a line from the marks on the top edge down to the mark on the middle fold to create your triangle.
  • Cut out.

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