Stories from the Studio: Nic Lee

This week we caught up with Southern Highlands musician, Nic Lee, this months Highland GM 100% Home-grown Artist of the Month!

Embedded within a family tapestry interwoven with musical traditions, Nic’s great grandmother’s legacy as a concert pianist paved the way for his own aspirations. Nic embarked on his musical journey at the age of 12, under the guidance of his father who introduced him to the art of fingerstyle guitar. Growing up amidst a harmonious blend of traditional blues, soulful bluegrass, and contemporary tunes, his musical roots are deeply ingrained.

Inspired by luminaries such as Kelly Joe Phelps, Kieran Kane, and Kevin Welch, Nic began crafting his own songs at the age of 16. These compositions draw from personal experiences and universal emotions, seamlessly melding nostalgia with modern perspectives.

You can see more of Nic at his instagram @nicleemusic and on youtube @niclee95 

You can also see Nic Live at the next 100% Home-Grown Concert at Bowral Bowling Club on Saturday  23rd of September . GET YOUR TIX NOW

A turning point in Nic’s musical career occurred when a family friend encouraged him to take center stage as a supporting act. Since that pivotal moment, Nic’s melodies have graced street corners during busking sessions and illuminated open mic night stages.

Nic’s music is a reflection of his artistic lineage, emphasizing the significance of nurturing independent Australian music. He pays homage to a rich heritage while simultaneously exploring limitless artistic horizons, carrying forward and reinventing a legacy with every resonant chord.

Nic Lee’s sound is a journey through a spectrum of emotions, a fusion of the past and the present, with each note resounding with vibrancy and enthusiasum.

Photo by Steven Foster Photography
Photo by Steven Foster Photography
Photo by Steven Foster Photography

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