Stories from the Studio: Kimi Hall

We visited Kimi Hall, a burgeoning author and teacher living in Queanbeyan-Palerang. Kimi shares few of her Children’s picture books and how they help parents to introduce their kids to important issues and topics. 

Her first book A Mother’s Journey: A story about how we became a family is a book about infertility and the journey a mother embarks on towards achieving her dream child through donor sperm insemination. Her new books are The Missing Things & Some families. Two very different children’s picture books, although they both help introduce difficult conversations with children in a non-confrontational manner.

Four of Kimi’s books are available on Amazon with more being published in the coming months. For all related links please visit her link tree.

Kimi Hall BEdEC was born and raised in the metropolitan city of San Francisco in California in 1981. Being raised as a biracial child of a single parent home, and surrounded by many different family structures and ways of life, she learned to accept these many differences in people as normal. Growing up, she was fascinated with the arts, creative writing and later studied performing arts until the early 2000s. She is now a devoted teacher and burgeoning author and illustrator of quality children’s literature. Her goal now is to create children’s books that help children feel represented in the world. The kind of books she would love to have in her own classroom.


A Mother’s Journey: A Story about How We Became a Family

A mother’s explanation to her young child about her heartfelt journey through infertility, miscarriage (indirectly), the donor sperm insemination process, and the pregnancy that helped create their family. Children will delight in seeing the process of how they came into being to a mother who did everything possible to make it happen. Book Trailer

The Missing Things

An evocative portrayal of the many common obstacles poverty stricken families face in Africa. From the kidnapping of school girls to the loss of family members due to the fatal illness of the AIDS epidemic. This story is told through the eyes of a child in a simple and non-confronting manner and gently offers an opportunity to converse with your child about some of the problems other children face in the world.  Book Trailer

Some families…

This book walks you through a photo album filled with personal photos of multicultural families across the world. Showing that everyday families do not all look or act alike, but yet are still all filled with love. This book gently offers an opportunity to converse with your child about the many different family structures of people across the world. This candid look into the everyday lives of families around the world is a beautiful way to appreciate and understand the different family structures that have dominated our world today. Enjoy searching through this photo album for a family that you might recognise in your own lives. Book trailer.

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