Stories from the Studio: Jane Ahlquist

This week we visited theatre maker Jane Ahlquist  at her Queanbeyan Studio to talk about her new play in production. Janes studied drama and philosophy at Flinders University. Since then, she has has presented her own work at the Stables, at Belvoir Street, the Tap Gallery, various unconventional Theatre spaces and at the Adelaide Festival Fringe. Jane loves to adapt tradition stories and fairytales to theatre, having prduced micro performances, and some larger stage pieces. Including: ABELARD AND HELOISE, Beckett’s NOT I,, BRIAR ROSE (twice – 1994 and 2006),  ANGELBONES (based on paintings of archaeological digs),  THE SECRET MERMAID T(Hans Andersen’s tale,

collaboration with flautist Christine Draeger),  THE BIRD PARLIAMENT (Attar’s medieval classic Sufi tale), MEDEA,  SHADOW OF FIRE (the poetry of Judith Wright), CINDER TALES (Cinderella), BROOM(E) (original script based on dreams) and STILL LIFE WITH LUTE (gallery based poetry evenings).

Jane and composer Gypsy Cook are in search of a wild and imaginative costume queen (or king) to design the frocks for their original production, RUMBLE.  RUMBLE is based on the tale “Rumpelstiltskin” – with plot twists! RUMBLE is at the early stage, with a rehearsal-ready script, musical score and input from set and artist design.  The creators are open to suggestion regarding the look of the show. There will be some unpaid work necessarily, as funding cannot be obtained without it. So, if the idea of drawing inspiration from percussive calypso and cryptic fairy-humour appeals to the ratbag in your soul, get in touch! Email:  [email protected] or telephone 6299 6465 (Queanbeyan).

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