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Join an Exciting Regional NSW Youth Project!

Are you ready to embark on an inspiring journey of personal growth, learning, and community impact? We are thrilled to invite you to participate in our dynamic and transformative youth project, Horizons.  This initiative is designed to empower young individuals like you to reach their full potential while making a positive difference in our regional communities.

EOIs close 10 November 2023.  Creative industry mentoring and career development program for NSW regional youth aged 16 to 27.

Horizons is a creative industry mentoring and career development program for NSW regional youth. The project will run over 18 months and will support a total of 75 young people from across NSW.

Horizons is a state-wide regional project that provides direct intensive support to young people wanting to pursue a career in the creative industries. Our aim is to provide participants with new pathways to explore work and study opportunities in the creative industries.

Participants will be paired with an experienced mentor from their chosen field who is based in regional NSW. Each mentoring relationship will address the needs and interests of each individual and enable participants to connect into a network of peers to build strong state-wide networks early in their careers.

The results of this extended mentoring program will be shared through a creative industry showcase developed and led by the project participants.  The showcase will highlight each mentoring project and the range of creative practice and industries represented and will enable the conversation on the opportunities open to regional young people, in this dynamic and evolving industry, to continue beyond the project.  Horizons will therefore have longer term influence on an extended cohort of young people by creating access opportunities and pathways for creative industry careers and employment in the arts sector.

It’s a project of the Regional Arts Network, made up of the 15 Regional Arts organisations across NSW,  funded by the Office of Regional Youth through the Regional Youth Incentive Program.

Whats in Expressions of Interest are now open. APPLY NOW.

Who can Apply

  • Aged 16-27
  • Living within the STA region* (if you are in another part of regional NSW use this RADO finder to locate your regional arts development organisation and apply through them).

Apply NOW

  • Download this expression of Interest form
  • Return the completed form to [email protected]by Friday 10 November 2023.

Want more Info?

Please email STA at [email protected] for more information and support to get involved 

Why should I get involved?

Horizons will provide opportunities for individuals to showcase their talents, gain experience, build valuable industry networks and kick start your creative career.

Horizons offers you:

Personal Growth – Horizons is not just a project; it’s a platform for your personal growth and development. Through engaging workshops, mentorship opportunities, and hands-on experiences, you will acquire valuable skills, boost your self-confidence, and uncover your unique strengths.

Community Impact – We believe in the power of young people to create meaningful change. Participating in Horizons you’ll have the chance to work on a collective showcase that addresses pressing issues for regional young people. Your ideas and contributions will play a crucial role in shaping a better future for all.

Networking and Friendship – Connect with like-minded peers who share your passion for making a difference. You’ll forge lasting friendships, expand your networks, and build a support system that will benefit you long after the project ends.

Mentorship – Gain insights and guidance from experienced mentors who are eager to help you succeed. Their expertise and encouragement will be invaluable as you navigate your personal and professional journey.

Fun and Creativity – Horizons is not all work and no play! We believe in fostering a fun and creative environment where you can explore your talents, express your ideas, and enjoy every moment of your participation.

If you are between the ages of 16 -27, enthusiastic about learning, and eager to contribute to your community, we would love to have you on board! Whether you have prior experience in the creative industries or are just starting your journey, your dedication and passion are what matter most.

No Cost – Horizons will not cost you a cent, in fact we will pay you a small stipend for your involvement and effort.  Approved travel expenses and associated material costs will also be covered.

How do I get involved?

To express your interest in joining Horizons please complete the Expression of Interest form and return it to STA at [email protected].

 Applications close 10 November 2023.


The creative industries refer to a broad and diverse sector of the economy that encompasses various activities and businesses primarily focused on the creation, production, and distribution of creative and cultural goods and services. These industries are characterised by their reliance on intellectual property, artistic expression, and innovation. While there isn’t a universally accepted list of sectors included in the creative industries, they typically encompass the following:

Visual Arts – This includes activities such as painting, sculpture, photography, and graphic design.

Performing Arts -This involves live performances such as theatre, dance, music, and opera.

Film and Television – This sector covers the production, distribution, and exhibition of films, television shows, and documentaries.

Publishing – This includes the production of books, magazines, newspapers, and digital publications.

Advertising and Marketing – This sector focuses on creating and promoting products and services through various media channels, including digital advertising, branding, and public relations.

Design – Encompassing a wide range of fields like fashion design, interior design, industrial design, and architectural design.

Music and Sound Recording – Covering the creation and distribution of music, including songwriting, recording, music production, sound engineering, radio broadcasting, podcasting and livestreaming.

Video Games and Interactive Media – This includes the development of video games, virtual reality experiences, and interactive digital content.

Crafts and Artisanal Production – Involving the creation of handmade and artisanal products, such as ceramics, textiles, and jewellery.

Cultural Heritage – Focusing on the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, including museums, galleries, libraries, and cultural events.

Software and Creative Technology – Covering software development for creative purposes, animation, special effects, theatre production (sound and lighting), projection and digital art tools.

Architecture and Urban Planning – Encompassing architectural design, urban planning, and landscape architecture.

The creative industries are known for their economic and cultural significance. They contribute to economic growth, employment, and innovation while shaping and reflecting the culture of societies. This sector thrives on talent, creativity, and intellectual property, making it a critical driver of the knowledge-based economy in many countries. Additionally, the creative industries often intersect with technology and innovation, leading to new forms of artistic expression and business models.

Horizons – Creative Industries Career Launchpad is funded by through the Regional Youth Incentive Program of the Office of Regional Youth and the NSW Regional Arts Network.

The Regional Arts Network (RAN) consists of 15 Regional Arts Development Organisations (RADO’s) supporting and advocating for arts development and engagement across Regional NSW. 

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