Stories from the Studio: Harry Laing

This week we’re talking to Harry Laing! Harry is a poet, children’s author, creative writing teacher and comic performer who lives and works at Geebung, his property near Braidwood

Harry generously invited us into his writng hut, where he has worked on his soon to be published book of poetry Time of Fire, scheduled to be released later this year in July! Harry previously published three books of poetry; Thirst (1993), Backbone (2010) and Unsettled (2021), and three children’s books, Shoctopus – poems to grip you (2015), MoonFish (2019) and RapperBee – poems to give you a buzz (2021)

Harry says he gets his ideas from all over the place. “That’s the wonderful thing about poems, they can come from anywhere. And mine do. For instance, I like to challenge myself to write about everyday objects and make them interesting”

Find out more about Harry, his future workshops and to purchase any of his books visit his website!

Harry at his property, Geebung.

Harry at his writing hut.

This image of ‘Post-fire leaf drop is the basis for the cover of Harry’s new book of poems ‘Time of Fire’

Harry performing poems for primary school students. 

Harry talks about the 2019 fires  and his soon to be released book of poetry Time of Fire 

Harry Laing with the RapperBee!

The famous RapperBee!

Harry performing 

Harry’s books left to right:

Shoctopus – poems to grip you!
RapperBee – Poems to give you a buzz…
MoonFish –
Poems to Make You Laugh and Think


Harry’s books left to right:

Thirst (1993)
Backbone (2010)
Unsettled (2021)

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