First Nations Exhibition

The premier STA Gallery online exhibition for 2022, featuring First Nations Artists from across the STA Region.

Alfie Walker, Caitlin Sheedy, Chelsea Boney, Dashanti Carr, Delise Freeman, Jenny Johnson, Jodie Munday, Judith Nangala Crispin, Leah Reeves, Monica Bridge and Stewart James. 

The First Nations Exhibition is a celebration of contemporary cultural expression and fabulous art. Please browse through the work on offer and contact us about acquiring any pieces you love. 

Alfie Walker
Alfie is a Wiradjuri gibir (man), who is a local community leader, having previously served on Pejar LALC as a board member  and is a former Deputy Mayor and Councillor to Goulburn Mulwaree Council. Alfie is a well known local story teller and is not telling his stories through Contemporary Aboriginal rock painting and digital Aboriginal art. Follow Alfie on Facebook.

Wagambirra Guya – Dancing Fish 2022
Paint on Black Granite
50×50 Framed
SOLD      Enquiries

Murrumbang – Love 2022
Paint on Black Granite
25 x 25 cm Framed
$100       Enquiries

Murangurra – Alive 2022
Paint on black Granite
50 x 50 Framed
SOLD         Enquiries

Caitlin Sheedy
Cat Sheedy is a young First Nations woman from the Hilltops Shire, currently residing in Young after spending much of her childhood and early teens in Harden-Murrumburrah. Cat has studied and worked as an actress, performer, photographer, and model. She  is currently studying creative writing through Southern Cross University. Cat’s photography has a strong cinematic feel, often exploring issues of female empowerment and sexuality whilst also reflecting or implying the drama of the ‘back story’ of her subject.
Cat lives with complex physical and mental health issues and is interested in the ongoing mental and physical effects of inter-generational trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. Cat has been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Complex Chronic Migraine and Fibromyalgia and attendant complex mental health issues. She’s 22. In these 3 photos Cat’s model, Abbie Grace who also has lived experience of complex mental health issues/inter-generational trauma and PTSD. Follow Caitlin on Instagram or Facebook

Abbie Grace I 2019
Digital Print
A4 $50
A3 $75    Enquiries

Abbie Grace II 2019
Digital Print
A4 $50
A3 $75        Enquiries

Abbie at the Beach 2020
Digital Print
A4 $50
A3 $75       Enquiries

Chelsea Boney
Chelsea is a proud Gumbaynggir woman living on Wiradjuri Country. She is an emerging artist exploring painting, wood burning and makes a variety of homewares. 

Serving Board 2021
Wood burned and handpainted
POA        Enquiries

Goanna Spirit 2021
Acrylic on canvas board
SOLD      Enquiries

Family Tree 2021
Acrylic on canvas board
$10                  Enquiries

Dashanti Carr 
Dashanti is a 17-year-old 4th generation Aboriginal artist living in Berrima.
Dashanti has been in the foster care system since the age of three, and because of this grew up all around NSW. She spent most of her childhood in a small town called Wellington. Most of Dashanti’s art knowledge is from her time on a mission called Nanima where she feels fortunate to have learnt about her culture and it’s significance  with family and extended family. Follow Dashanti on Instagram.

Galang – Belonging 2020
Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions 80×100
NFS            Enquiries

Nguluway Girrawiiny – Meeting Place 2021
Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions 60×90
NFS           Enquiries

Ngurambang – Home2021
Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions 60×90
NFS              Enquiries

Delise Freeman

Delise Freeman. I am a proud Wiradjuri woman born in Harden. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children (2 Daughters and a Son) and a grandmother to a beautiful little boy. My business is Deadly Del Designs. I am a proud Aboriginal woman from Goulburn NSW. I started painting only a little over  2 1/2 years ago. I started designing and painting round and rectangle cheese boards, wooden spoons and keyrings, I have now added to my collection by painting, wooden bowls -large and small, Cannisters and serving Platters; mostly anything wooden. Follow Delise on Instagram or Facebook.

Spoons 2021
Hand painted timber spoons
$10               Enquiries

Ceramic Jars 2021
Hand painted ceramic jars
$10          Enquiries

Salad Bowl 2021
Hand painted salad bowl and serving spoons.
$95              Enquiries

Jenny Johnson
Jenny was born in Peak Hill NSW and lives in Yass Valley. She is a descendant of the Wiradjuri People and has a strong cultural link to the traditional Wiradjuri lands through her mother. Jenny is a self-taught Indigenous artist who has adopted a contemporary and very unique style of aboriginal painting. The inspiration for Jenny’s energetic and colourful artwork comes from the landscapes and flora of the local area around Yass and the ACT. Jenny paints her own unique designs by using a very vibrant and bold colour palette and a range of fine dotting styles to depict her paintings. Find out more about Jenny’s work.

Rivers and Waterholes 2021
Acrylic paints on canvas
61 x 91cm 4cm deep, ready to hang
$700.00        Enquiries

Wild flowers by the water’s edge 2013
Acrylic paints on canvas
61 x 76cm 4cm deep, ready to hang
$700.00         Enquiries

The Waterhole 2014
Acrylic paints on canvas
61 x 92cm 4cm deep, ready to hang
$700.00            Enquiries

Jodie Munday
Over the past 2 years Jodie has begun to focus on developing her arts business from her home studio in Goulburn. She has had work featured at Gallery on Track in Goulburn NSW and various local art exhibitions. Jodie also works with schools supporting students and staff in various roles including Aboriginal Education.
Jodie loves to represent nature, animals, wildlife, flora and her rural lifestyle. She is inspired by the patterns in different environments and using elements of her Aboriginal, Celtic and British heritage. Follow Jodie on Instagram or Facebook.

Photo Bombed By Emus 2021
Acrylic On Canvas
61cm x 61cm
$1100           Enquiries

Woven Basket 2021
Macrame cord and Raffia
$220                Enquiries

Travelling Home – Our Journey on and through country and life from birth back to our ancestors 2021
Acrylic On Canvas
90cm x 60cm 
$1400           Enquiries

Judith Nangala Crispin
Judith is a visual artist and poet. Her visual arts practice is centred around Lumachrome glass printing, a combination of lumen printing, chemigram and cliché verre techniques. Judith has published a collection of poetry, The Myrrh-Bearers (Sydney: Puncher & Wattmann, 2015), and a book of images and poems, The Lumen Seed (New York: Daylight Books, 2017).  

These Lumachrome glass prints have their genesis in my relationship with Bpangerang people, from whom I am descended, and Warlpiri people who adopted me during the twenty years I spent tracing my family’s Aboriginal lineage. The works are created using a unique method derived from archaic photography practices– lumen printing, cliché-verre, chemigram, and elements of drawing and painting. Their materials, drawn from Country itself, include cadavers, ochres, sticks, and grass. Exposed in natural light over many hours, these images honour native animals and birds killed on our roads. In making these lumachrome glass prints, I am consciously engaging in a collaboration with Country.  Follow Judith on Instagram or check out her website

Jemima, in her new body, creates galaxies in the Boötes Void, near Corona Borealis 2020
Lumachrome glass print, cliche-verre, chemigram. Front paws of a fire-killed kangaroo, seeds and crayon on fibre paper. Exposed 22 hours in a geodesic dome.
Editioned prints, 70cm x 43cm (limited edition of 10) 
$810      Enquiries

William wrapped in starlight and smoke, over North Black Range, in the last halo of bushfires 2020
Lumachrome glass print, chemigram. Smoke-killed honeyeater, seeds, sticks and vegemite, on fibre paper. Exposed 22 hours in spring light, under marked perspex.
Editioned prints, 70cm x 43cm (limited edition of 10)
$810         Enquiries

Knowing their loneliness, Helené, child of the Sun, visited the humans’ garden. But they shouted “snake” and cut off her head. So the Sun turned her back on them, and their garden vanished into ice and night 2020
Lumanchrome glass print, cliché-verre. chemigram. Decapitated baby brown snake, household chemicals, wax, resin, glass marbles, on fibre paper. Exposed 32 hours in a geodesic dome.
Editioned prints, 70cm x 44cm (limited edition of 10) 
$810        Enquiries

Leah Reeves

Leah is a visually impaired (legally  blind) artist from Young New South Wales. Due to an immune disorder I lost my vision around two years ago so I’ve swapped my brushes for my white cane and my hands I’ve always loved painting And strongly believe that just because I’m blind doesn’t mean I can’t have a vision. Follow Leah on Facebook.

Scales of the Rainbow Serpent 2022
40 x 50 Cm

Dreaming of Floyd 2022
90x 60 cm

Heartfelt  Pride 2022
$50  SOLD

Monica Bridge
Monica is a proud Muruwari woman and Contemporary Aboriginal Artist, with a strong connection to culture and family. She has been a practicing visual artist for many years, working with painting, drawing and sculpture.
Monica has always had a passion for visual arts. Using art for self expression, healing and understanding emotions, Monica explores with different shapes, lines, and symbols to reflect her connection with country and love nature.
Monica is passionate about sharing her culture and increasing awareness about Aboriginal culture, history, and perspectives through creative practice. She has conducted many arts and culture workshops in preschools, primary schools, high schools and with community groups, with this focus. You can download the stories about Monica’s work here. Follow Monica on Facebook.

Emu in the Sky 2021
Mixed media
92cm x45.5cm
$800              Enquiries

Our Stories 2021
Acrylic on canvas
50cm x 40cm
$350               Enquiries

Special Place 2022
Acrylic on canvas
30.5cm x 61cm

Stewart James – Wiradjuri Gibir, Narrangdhura Marrambidya Bila Mayiny (Wiradjuri Man, Narrandera Murrumbidgee River People). Stewart lives in the Hilltops region and creates large scale pieces reflecting place, land and culture. 

Galing-Gural! Wiradjuri word meaning “Deep Waterhole”. Wiradjuri people have a unique understanding of all the rivers, creeks and billabongs that are spread within its boundaries. This understanding carries a sacred knowledge that only the best fisherman know about.  The outer layer pattern of this artwork highlights the boundaries of the Wiradjuri Nation and the neighbouring language groups and nations. The  layers of the different colours represents the depth of knowledge that is kept with the people that are connected to them. The centre piece of the artwork represents the different mobs who live along the rivers and creeks, who know this unique knowledge about the best fishing spots and the deepest waterholes to catch the biggest and best fish. This knowledge is still shared within our communities and still provides a good feed for all our families within those areas.

Wambal-Wambal-a Maliyan Wiradjuri meaning: (Hilly. rugged mountain-like) – Eagle (Wedge-tailed eagle) 2022
Acrylic on Canvas

Galing-Gural! Wiradjuri word meaning “Deep Waterhole” 2022
2x Small Canvas – 45.7cm x 45.7cm
2x Large Canvas – 91.4cm x 91.4cm
$6,000      Enquiries

Wiradjuri Connection 2022
Acrylic on Canvas

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