David O’Halloran: Stories from the Studio

STA was delighted to attend the Opening Night of Scapin the Schemer. 

We caught up with David O’Halloran after the show to find out more about the man behind Scapin. 

David has been acting, and carrying on, for a long, long time. In fact, his sisters say that even as an infant he was dramatic. Trained in Theatre at Uni and CAE, he has played a wide variety of roles in over 250 plays, including Marc Antony, MacDuff, Creon in Antigone, and Long John Silver. He was even a professional at one stage, but gave it up, as he’d rather eat. He has also directed but prefers the easier path of acting. He spent many years at the Lieder, under John and Mary Spicer, and is happy to occasionally return and haunt the stage. He is a Stanislavsky method actor: he put on tons of weight, just for this role!

Photography by Steph Warden.

The hilarious SCAPIN THE SCHEMER, adapted from the Moliére by Bill Irwin and Mark O’Donnell 
Directed by Annie Bilton. 
Directed by Annie Bilton
In this wild physical comedy, the crafty Scapin, servant to the household of Geronte, jumps into the story as he first promises to help in affairs of his neighbor’s son, Octave, then to aid in those of his own charge, Leander (Geronte’s son). Both young men have fallen in love with unlikely, and penniless beauties (Hyacinth and Zerbinette), and both need money to help solve their dilemmas. Scapin knows a good ruse will always win the day and he drafts Sylvestre, Octave’s servant, into his schemes. Brimming with zany characters and improvisation, this play is an uproarious romp of hugely theatrical proportions.

Friday 11 March 7.30pm


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