Bon Bon making with the Hilltops Youth Action Group (HYAG)

Join Duffy and Jordan from the Hilltops Youth Action Group to make Bon Bon or Chrissie Crackers this festive season.

This video was captured at one of the 12 days of workshops the HYAG hosted in the lead up to the festive season.

HYAG organise and promote fab events and workshops for youth all over the Hilltops region and are supported by Hilltops Council.

Find out more and see upcoming events at HYAG facebook.

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Materials & Tools

  • Scissors
  • Surface to work on like a table or bench
  • Paper – you can use any type of paper but the thicker the better. If you are using plain white paper we recommend drawing or painting with festive designs to decorate.  Try printing and experiment with any veggies you have at home. What shapes can you make?
  • Sticky tape or glue.
  • Treats – you can use lollies or small gifts – Why not try writing some poems.
  • Jokes – write out a joke for each Bon Bon. 
  • Ribbon or string – to secure the ends.
  • Cracker snaps are optional but do make the Bon Bons more explosive available at Spotlight, craft stores, party stores, etc.

Steps to make your Bon Bons

Cut your paper into a rectangular shape. A4 paper will work as is. If starting with a square cut the paper in half.

Fold up the end of the long edge about 5cm up from the end.
Cut triangles shapes out along the folder edge.

Fold the opposite edge and repeat the triangle cut.

Tip: Space your triangle cuts with an equal space between.

Unfold to reveal diamond cuts along the width of the paper near each end

If using a cracker stick place it in the middle of the paper along the long edge.

Glue or tape the cracker in place.

Run glue or tape along one long edge.

Roll the paper into a tube of about 7cm diameter and glue or tape in place.

Squash one end of the tube in at the cut diamond shapes.

Tie closed with string or ribbon.

Write a joke onto a small piece of paper and fold.

Fill the tube with treats and joke.

Squash the other end at diamond cut out and secure with ribbon or sting.

Make one Bon Bon for every two people at your festive gathering.
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