STA Elder in Residence

Aunty Enid Clarke, Wiradjuri Elder and Senior Knowledge Holder living on Wiradjuri Country in Young is the inaugural STA Elder in residence for 2024.

The STA Elder in Residence is an Ambassadorial and cultural advisory role that supports STA to achieve informed activities and outcomes in the First Nations space.

The Elder in Residence supports the STA team to develop directions and opportunities for First Nations Creatives living within the STA region and to support First Nations engagement with our services and programs. 

Enid is an exhibiting artist who supports the whole community to learn more about Wiradjuri culture through cultural training and walks on country.

Find out more about the Wiradjuri connection to Country, Yesterday Stories Young region with Enid Clarke Indigenous Elder.There are many language groups who live and meet across the region where STA operates. Main groups include; Wiradjuri Country coming in from the west, across the north is Gundungurra and Tharawal Country, the south is Ngunnawal Country, and the east is Yuin Country. 

If you are a First Nations Elder living within the STA Region and would like to talk to us about the STA Elder in Residence program we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email to connect. 

Enid is connected to Young High School and the Wiradjuri learning and cultural centre at Young Library

The rug in the Wiradjuri learning and cultural centre at Young Library is based on a painting by Aunty Enid and represents…

The hills of Brungle and the slopes of Young. This is strong Wiradjuri county and these are the colours of Mother Earth. The black road and the white dots represent some of the song line journeys that we still use today that are thousands of years old. Songlines are journeys of knowledge in the form of a map and each place contains cultural knowledge that is taught to all.  

Learn more about the Wiradjuri language program at Young High School

Wiradjuri Learning Resources

‘We Learn on Country’ Part 1,  Produced by Dean Kinlyside is a fabulous resource developed with Young High School with the support of the Young Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and the Young Local Aboriginal Lands Council.

‘We Learn on Country 2 – Ngiyanhi Yalbilinya Ngurambang-ga’ is set to be luanched  in early 2024.

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