A.C.E (Artists Country Exhibition) Art Show

This week we are proud to be hosting the ACE Art Show at our STA Gallery online. The story of how the exhibition ended up being digital is a twisting tale of what fast thinking creatives do in a time of crisis.

The ACE Art Show features the work of seven emerging talents from across the STA Region and NSW, brought together by Harry Merriman from Hilltops. 

Weaving through the show are the themes of colour, atmosphere and a focussed attention on details and unexpected heroes. Themes that resonant with our experience of the ongoing pandemic, where our domestic spaces have become our world. Forever changing the way we view and inhabit our familiar and now encompassing worlds.

The artists in the ACE Art Show share a skill for deep observation and interest in people and objects that rarely get to be the star. The texture of flowers explored in breath taking detail. Simple foods and insects reimagined as attention grabbing heroes. Plates of food in glorious colours that pop off the canvas. Landscapes so thick with atmosphere that they glow with an otherworldly light. Realistic portraits that capture an indefinable spirit. Charming line drawings that celebrate our homes, and photographs that demand we refocus our attention on the complex relationships, shapes and tones that surround us everyday.

Originally planned for display at Jugiong Hall, the ongoing pandemic forced the group to postpone the exhibition several times before they decided to take the show completely online at the STA Gallery and through the @ace.artshow intsagram account. 

It’s a fitting place for a collection of works that deserve to be viewed differently. Absorbed at leisure as they invite us the rediscover our intimate worlds.


Emma Sheehan

Harry Martin

Harry Merriman

Jimbo Stokes

The ACE Art Show is a STA Top Spots Festival event, funded through the STA Top Spots grant program.

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