Stories from the Studio: Ric Abel & Cat Doyle at Spud Lane

This week we we have the pleasure of visiting Ric & Cat from the super cool Spud Lane Studios! Ric & Cat are the both resident artists and co-directors of Spud Lane Studios & Gallery 

Spud Lane was originally a dedicated artist’s studio in a warehouse on a back laneway in rural Robertson NSW and has since evolved to incorporate a boutique contemporary gallery infused with infinite warmth and industrial opulence, that gives visitors a rare glimpse into the world of a working artist.

Spud Lane exhibits the work of Ric & Cat alongside established & emerging artists, bringing a diversity to the art on show.

Ric Abel is an artist renowned for his versatility who constantly reinvents himself in his creations, refusing to confine his talent to a single style. His work explores a diverse array of subjects and themes, from the whimsical world of Mr. Squiggle to the poignant stories of the Cybermen, featuring recurring motifs like landscapes, skulls, and quasi-cubist elements. In addition to his artistic endeavours, Ric’s significant impact extends to co-founding the Artichoke Gallery Café, a cultural haven in Manly, where emerging talents were nurtured and over 3000 live gigs were hosted alongside workshops, exhibitions and fundraising events. Over a coffee in Kiama, Ric & Cat hatched the dream of forming an artists collective in The Old Potato Shed where their studio is located. The dream became a reality when the SHAC (Southern Highlands Artisans Collective) was established in 2018, evolving into a not-for-profit artist collective. Today, Ric represents himself and showcases his work through Spud Lane Gallery. Follow Ric at @ric_abel and visit his website


Cat Doyle is self-taught artist mentored by luminaries, who explores themes of loneliness and belonging in her introspective paintings. Her artistic journey evolves from her debut exhibition, “Ode to Poetry,” capturing the 1970s British Poetry Revival’s essence in Northern England, to “After Dark,” which reflects the solitude of the pandemic era. Inspired by black and white photography and abstract figurative forms, her work has now transitioned to vibrant color, as seen in “Bibliophilia,” a celebration of twentieth-century writers. Cat’s emotive art, cherished in private collections across Australia and the UK, remains a poignant reflection of human experiences. Follow Cat at @cat.doyle and visit her website

You can  visit SPUD LANE STUDIOS at  Unit 1, 74-76 Hoddle Street, Roberston, Friday to Sunday 10am—4pm and by appointment. 

SPUD LANE STUDIOS is also part of the Southern Highlands Arts Trail 2023  [November 3,4,5 & 11,12] In 2023 over 60 artists will be exhibiting in 49 studios across the Southern Highlands. Don’t miss this once-a-year chance to wander the Southern Highlands experiencing the work of local creatives, meeting artists in their studios, seeing where and how they create their work, and buy something wonderful for yourself or a friend. Explore the diverse food and drink offerings the Highlands is known for – cafes, fine dining, gourmet picnics, breweries and cellar doors. 

Visit SPUD LANE STUDIOS as part of the SH Arts Trail and see Ric Abel’s current body of work that explores a cross-over between street art and personal narrative with a pop graphic edge. Cat Doyle delves into counter-culture, literature, loneliness and belonging, creating emotiveworks that capture human experience.

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