Stories from the Studio: Speed Dial

STA were thrilled to catch up with the Highland FM Artist of the Month Speed Dial. 

After our first EP was released in July of 2021, 6 months later we have begun writing, recording, and mixing some new works that will eventuate into a 10 song album. We intend this project to be a fully homegrown production from start to finish, learning the basics of production, mixing, and mastering for the first time as well as experimenting with different marketing techniques. One of our new songs, ‘Just What I Want’, written by Lauren and Olivia, features all of us at our musical best in this indie/pop classic. 

It’s been interesting learning from the invaluable resources online about the best ways to record and mix these sorts of songs to get the best production possible. Hopefully if we can pull this ‘homegrown’ project off, we will be fully independent, something that is vital in todays music industry. Of course, all this aside, we’ve been having so much fun recording and we’ve already started thinking about future projects as well. Whatever happens, we cannot thank our fans, Southern Tableland Arts, and MusicNSW enough for the help and support they have provided!

Check them our here. 

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