Stories from the Studio: Frank Lindner

Photographer Frank Lindner caught up this week with STA live at his exhibition The Outsider, which Rose (STA Exec Director) had the privilege of opening in No Name Lane Queanbeyan on Thursday evening.

The Outsider is the latest offering in the No Name Lane Exhibition Series. No Name Lane having been transformed by art with a permanent mural and the installation of a set of light boxes that host rotating photographic displays. While the exhibitions can be viewed anytime we recommend going after dark when the works illuminate. The effect lights up No Name Lane into a little unexpected wonderland of art.

The Outsider is on display until Summer 2023 in No Name Lane Queanbeyan, and online here.

Frank’s images are a fitting match for this most intriguing of ‘gallery’ spaces. The portraits of unique and engaging locals inviting us to linger a bit longer in this otherwise liminal space. The work is theatrical, with a dark whimsey that hints at interesting stories about interesting people.

In the Artist words;

Outsiders wear their badge with pride.

Not an outsider as trying to look in, but looking forward and backwards in order to escape the triviality of an unsympathetic everyday life.

Truth and freedom is their mantra.

Hoping to avoid ruination, they must create their own set of rules.

How does one visually call out to people to make them loiter and look when their rituals are anchored to the frenetic reality of day to day living and survival? Laneways are usually a thoroughfare, a route between two places. No Name Lane encourages unconstrained affective states so pedestrians in Queanbeyan might be open to stopping, engaging and making what they will of this series of images.

The people in the photographs were mostly known to me. They modelled and I used props and lighting to create a mise-en-scène. Obliquely as it might come across these images reveal aspects of outsider’s identities. Trust is difficult to build when everyone is a photographer wanting a picture. Many people initially agreed to be photographed and then evaporated from the project, but the final outsiders were willing to be less comfortable for a time, so as not to sink into an unheroic sloth.

Each image from The Outsider is avaible from a limited edition of six. Price on enquiry to the artist via [email protected]

The No Name Lane Exhibition series is a QPRC Placemaking program.

No Name Lane is a glorius night time gallery in the heart of downtown Queanbeyan
Tracey Lamont and Janita Byrne from QPRC
Frank won the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council’s $5000 Acquisitive Art Award 2022 with “Virus Prepper”

About Frank
Frank Lindner is a Braidwood photographer who was the winner of the 2022 QPRC Art Award. He mainly works in photographic portraiture, often utilizing surroundings and props in a theatrical way to enhance the visual story. Frank honed his craft and photographic skills in New York as a commercial and sometime exhibiting photographer; including album covers, annual reports and editorial work. New York demands an entry fee and in the apprentice tradition of “all work and little pay” he also assisted photographers who had gifts to impart. In 2006, back in Sydney the freelance market had begun its collapse in earnest and it was time for a change. Frank put on some metaphorical overalls and began house painting to pay the bills while completing an Master of Visual Arts in Canberra. His boss joked, “once wearing overalls you never take them off”. During this time, he was living in the Bungendore Motel, until fearing the worst, a friend found some “once was” cheap accommodation in Braidwood. He is available for family and portraits in general.

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