CASP Spotlight

Everyone’s favourite small grant the Country Art Support Program or CASP has funded creative projects and makers across the STA Region and Regional NSW for decades.

CASP supports a creative, vibrant and resilient NSW arts and cultural sector that engages with diverse audiences and communities. Have you got a CASP story? We want to hear it…

Core annual CASP funds are through Create NSW. For the 2024 CASP funding round STA were able to add additional funds through the NSW Government Restart program administered through Create NSW.

Check out the exciting CASP 2024 projects below:

Congratulations to our CASP recipients for 2024!

SILO SOUNDS Inc. Youth Classical Music Mentoring Program

CASP to fund 6 SILO SOUNDS Inc Mentoring Programs: offering musical engagement and education to the town’s pre-school, primary school children by each of our guest musicians and leading educational experts. Venues Ross Memorial Uniting Church, Murrumburrah, Murrumburrah Primary School, Trinity Catholic School

VASY: Art Starter Two
Yass Valley

‘Art Starter Two’ workshops (acrylic and watercolour) for 20 Yass Valley beginners, including youth and special groups, offered at reduced fees, tutored by a local art practitioner, using professional art materials in the context of a positive learning experience. Providing beginner opportunities for visual arts and connecting likeminded people.

Worlds in Harmony, unique musical collaboration between Shō and didgeridoo
Upper Lachlan

CASP to fund a multidisciplinary concert incorporating a world premiere Shō /didgeridoo musical duet together with information on the technical and cultural significance of the instruments. Two concerts will be held in the Gunning Shire Hall in Spring 2024, one for students, and one for a general evening audience.

River Road Creative
Ramshackle Orkestra EP: Young Composers Project

This project aims to craft an EP with our dynamic ‘Ramshackle Orkestra.’ Focused on the Wollondilly youth, we aim to inspire budding composers through workshops and mentoring, towards creating their own compositions for recording with the Orkestra. This recording will also exemplify the excellence of this Wollondilly Street Band!

Ink & Imagination Project

CASP to fund five dynamic, stand-alone workshops, the project seeks to inspire, educate and empower individuals of all ages and backgrounds in the realm of creative writing and publishing.

Unlocking Creativity: Art Workshops for Youth Well-Being

I would like to conduct a series of six art workshops, primary school aged children, aimed at fostering creativity and emotional well-being. With an artist and art therapist, providing a safe and expressive outlet for children to explore their emotions and enhance their mental health through artistic expression.

Penrose Art Exhibition 2024

Art exhibition showcasing artists of the Southern Highlands, focusing on the southern villages. Providing accessibility to artists and audience that would otherwise not be able to participate in a quality cultural experience.

Right to Work: Hidden Lives – Connecting Past and Present
Goulburn Mulwaree

Three neurodiverse youth will design and create a print exhibition for display in Goulburn’s CBD in May 2024. The exhibition will feature images and historical information, promoting the history of Goulburn, the work of Friends of Goulburn Historic Cemeteries, and the strengths and talents of the neurodiverse artists and curator.

Third Place Studio: Meet Our Makers

Meet our Makers is a community-based photography project that highlights and celebrates the many arts, crafts and artisan groups that have long created the quiet, cultural foundation of our rural township of Harden Murrumburrah.

Goulburn Mulwaree

Highly skilled, widely recognised artists in their field will tutor 6 GDAS two-day practical workshops covering a variety of media and subject matter spread throughout 2024. Our workshops are mainly attended by GDAS members but non-members also participate because our experience in hosting workshops attracts people from far afield.

Drawn from the Collection

This project aims to highlight the historical significance of the dresses worn by Ethel Hume, found in the collection of the Boorowa & District Historical Society Museum & Print Studio, through a display of framed etchings inspired by these dresses.

Lea Durie: Pottery teaching studio in Braidwood

The project will provide an opportunity for those living in the Braidwood area to access art development and creative learning in a group setting. CASP funding will be to purchase a pottery wheel to facilitate wheel throwing classes of 4 participants.

CASP 2023 Recipients

Find Your Folk – Emerging artists program

“We are completely thrilled to receive this grant, which will help emerging artists get the performance experience and exposure they need.  Support of this kind is critical following the dearth of performance during Covid-19 lockdowns, it helps revive our cultural life.” Winsome Hall, Bundanoon Folk Festival Association.

Poetry Workshops, Performance and Mentoring for Youth
Yass Valley

CASP will help fund a page-to-stage program for young people, including three poetry workshops and performance opportunities at the Irish & Celtic Music Festival in Yass.

SILO SOUNDS Inc. Youth Classical Music Mentoring Program

CASP to fund 6 Mentoring Programs! Omusical engagement, education and entertainment to the town’s pre-school, primary and junior high school children.

Discover Possum cloaks though Aunty Matilda’s workshop and story-telling session.

Local elder Aunty Matilda will facilitate a workshop about the cultural importance of the Possum Cloak at The Queanbeyan Hive. It will be an opportunity for the community to participate in the creation and telling of their own story on a piece of possum skin during the Heritage Festival.

29 April Possum skin cloak-blanket stories: darning & yarning with Aunty Matilda House. Create your own possum skin art piece depicting your own story, 9:30 4:30pm. Place limited – BOOK HERE

Under the Influence

CASP to a support the production of a bittersweet musical and theatrical performance in which Bungendore’s cabaret duo Shortis and Simpson lead Braidwood’s Mikelangelo (Michael Simic) through his musical

“We’re thrilled to receive support far our project, a shot in the arm for
local artists.”
John Shortis

Connecting Community Through Clay
Goulburn Mulwaree

Young adults with intellectual disability and members of the Goulburn Community Garden will work together to design, create and install a clay mural inspired and informed by nature. 

“We are thrilled to receive funding from CASP for this project. It opens up a wonderful opportunity for young people with disability to meet and really connect with other community members and to learn a whole range of new knowledge and skills. We can’t wait to get started!”



Workroom Lockers 

To fund the purchase of lockers for use in three workshops  to be used by students,volunteers and tutors at Bowral District Arts Society. These lockers will enhance the learning experience of students who utilise the workshops 6 days per week.

Goulburn District Art Society – Tutured Workshop Program
Goulburn Mulwaree

“We are extremely grateful for the CASP GRANT awarded through STARTS to subsidise the costs of our workshops. This grant provides a wonderful opportunity to our GDAS members and other artists to participate in the exciting program planned for 2023.”

CASP 2022 Recipients

Fight or Flight
Upper Lachlan

Is our country surviving in a Fight or Flight mode of existence? Exhibitions by First Nations artist Jodie Munday at Crookwell, Targals and soon at Connect@Gunning Along with workshops aimed at raising awareness of our native animals, plants, environments which support them. 

Sunset Dreaming – Mental Gallery

Djon Mundine will paint the entire interior of Mental Gallery in large horizontal stripes, floor to ceiling, adding imagery to create an immersive artwork. Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2022 – Get Up Stand Up!

Artists Walk on Wiradjuri Country & NAIDOC “On Country” Exhibition – Young Society of Artists Inc

Local Artists, Photographers, Sculptors etc. walked across Wiradjuri Country” . Led by Indigenous Elders the group visited important local Aboriginal sites to inspire an exhibition during NAIDOC

Community Art Gallery – Visual Arts Society of Yass (VASY)
Yass Valley

VASY is revamping the anti room of the Yass Community Centre for use as a community art gallery, in time for the Yass Valley Arts Trail in November 2022!

Drought & other plays by Millicent Armstrong – Music Theatre Projects

Music Theatre Projects will produce 4  plays written by Millicent Armstrong premiering at Goulburn Performing Arts Centre, as part of the Festival of Regional Theatre, and matinee performances in Gunning.

Millicent’s works reflect their connection to the Australian Gothic tradition, and feature sparkling dialogue, idiomatic writing, and strong female characters, with a focus on the relationship between sisters.

Imperial Stockings catalogue/gallery book design  – Annemaree Dalziel

The Imperial Stockings catalogue, is a collectable gallery book, to interpret the  history knitted into socks. 
The socks describe the traumatic dispossession of Gaelic-speaking Scots and their displacement to colonial Australia. Complicit in the colonial theft of Indigenous land, they wove new nets of displacement, cultural grief, and loss.

Poetic Art Workshops in First Nations Language – Ngununggula Southern Highlands Regional Gallery

Ngununggula will engage Gunai woman Kirli Saunders to develop and deliver workshops for all ages and abilities. Participants will write poetry, and create visual poems using a range of mediums, exploring connection to Country, local history and culture.

CASP Spotlight – a selection of funding projects over the years.

Prophesy at the Lieder Theatre in Goulburn (2021)

The Lieder engaged professional regional theatre artists to develop and perform a new script entitled Prophesy, written by ex-Lieder member, Patrick Russell, and performed as the highlight and focus of the Company’s 130th birthday celebrations in July 2021 in their own historic art deco venue built in 1929. Check out the latest from the Lieder Theatre.

Survival: HerStory at Marulan and Goulburn (2021)

A professionally facilitated weekend workshop exploring regional women’s stories of surviving hardship through generations. The published/recorded stories were integrated as an art installation into PROJECT HERSTORY’s theatre performances and distributed for future community use. Created in conjunction with The Interesting Mrs Abel an historical play written and directed by Annie Bilton. Visit Annie’s Stories from the Studio feature.

The Holden Hall Of Fame at Bailey’s Garage in Gunning (c2000)

A visit to the Holden Wall of Fame in Gunning is a must. Colourful murals of Holden vehicles grace the side wall of Bailey’s Garage on corner of Yass and Warrataw street. The display was created by local sign writer Peter Try with a CASP grant early this century. The iconic SANDMAN is a fav at STA but they are all very cool.
Peter is a traditional sign writer using brushes for hand lettering and illustrations. Check out some of his latest work at Try Signs.

CASP Recipients by Year


  • Fight or Flight – A program of workshops and exhibitions by Jodie Munday raising awareness of our native animals, plants, environments which support them. Delivered in Upper Lachlan.
  • Sunset Dreaming – An exhibition by Djon Mundine at  Mental Gallery in Wingecarribee. Djon painted the entire interior of Mental Gallery in large horizontal stripes, floor to ceiling, adding imagery to create an immersive artwork for NAIDOC 2022 – Get Up Stand Up!
  • Artists Walk on Wiradjuri Country & NAIDOC “On Country” Exhibition from the Young Society of Artists Inc in Hilltops. Local Artists, Photographers, Sculptors etc. walked across Wiradjuri Country” in the Hilltops LGA, led by Indigenous Elders. Resulting work formed an exhibition for NAIDOC at the Burrangong Art Gallery.
  • Community Art Gallery – Visual Arts Society of Yass (VASY).Yass Valley. Revamping of an area in the Yass Community Centre into a community art gallery, completed in time for the Yass Valley Arts Trail.
  • Drought & other plays by Millicent Armstrong by Music Theatre Projects. Production of 4 plays written by Millicent Armstrong at GPAC and in Gunning.
  • Imperial Stockings catalogue/gallery book design  by Annemaree Dalziel. The Imperial Stockings catalogue, is a collectable gallery book, that interprets the  history knitted into socks. Copies are available for purchase at Ngununggula, Southern Highlands Regional Gallery at Retford Park.
  • Poetic Art Workshops in First Nations Language at Ngununggula Southern Highlands Regional Gallery in Wingecarribee. Delivered by Gunai woman Kirli Saunders.

Read more about the 2022 CASP project -now with added images.


  • Prophesy – Play at the Lieder theatre. Goulburn Mulwaree.
  • SURVIVAL: HERSTORY – Community workshops and story sharing. Upper Lachlan and Goulburn Mulwaree
  • Hilltops Arts Artist-in-Residence – conducted in Young by HARTS. Hilltops
  • Artworks Reconnect – reconnecting artists and engaging new beginners with the Visual Arts Society of Yass. Yass Valley.
  • Creative Space: Drawing Foundations & Colour Theory Workshop Series – Creative Space Southern Highlands. Wingecarribee.
  • Page to Stage: How To Write A Musical – Rocky Hill Musical Theatre Company Inc. Youth workshops
  • Post Pandemic production – A Short History of the Best Songs in the World (According to Us!) Bridge to Sing Choir.  Goulburn Mulwaree.
  • Main Street Community Portraits – Goulburn & District Chamber of Commerce with Artist Tina Milson. Region wide with shop front exhibition in Goulburn Mulwaree. 


  • Curating an Exhibition: from Idea to Success – Wollondilly Arts Group Inc. Wollondilly
  • Journey Through Country – production by Lieder Theatre Company. Goulburn Mulwaree
  • Cultural Textile Masterclass At Tootsie – Tootsie Gallery Café and Kiri Morcombe. Yass Valley.
  • Making Music: How to write and perform songs and have fun doing it – Braidwood Youth Performing Arts Association. QPRC 

Country Arts Support Program (CASP) 

CASP is an annual small grants program and is guided by the Arts and Cultural Funding Program’s three major objectives:

  • grow creative leadership and programming excellence in NSW
  • strengthen NSW arts and cultural activity that drives community and social benefits
  • showcase NSW as a leader for strategic arts and cultural governance and strong financial management.

CASP is funded by the NSW Government through Create NSW and administered by the Regional Arts Network across NSW. STA administers CASP within the STA region.

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