What STA Provides

STA services to our members – the Creative Sector; Artists, community & cultural organisations 

• Creative Directory

• Advice and assistance

• Industry connections

• Project development and support

• Funding advice

• Grant writing support

• Promotion for events, exhibitions and workshops

• Access to funding opportunities such as the Country Arts support scheme

• Access to professional opportunities

• Access to STA auspicing services

• Access to the STA Zoom account for events and meetings

• Access to book the STA badge machine for workshops

• Skills development through workshop and formal learning opportunities

• Professional development opportunities

• Mentoring

• Referrals


STA services to our Contributing Councils

• Participation on council committees for the delivery of innovative projects that support community-wide participation in Arts and Cultural Activity 

• Advice and assistance to council 

• Ability to list council cultural services in the STA Creative Directory 

• Ability to list council events through STA systems such as the What’s On events calendar and via the extensive STA social networks and mailing lists. 

• Advice and assistance available to all artists and cultural organisations in your LGA 

• Expertise in cultural mapping and planning, policy development, project development and community consultation 

• Support for delivery of events and projects 

• Access to book the STA Screen cinema equipment 

• Access to book the STA tech hub, consisting of a travelling set of laptops and wi-fi 

• Liaison between council and creative communities


• Monthly STA Mobile Office sessions in each LGA (Feb-Nov)

Amplify arts funding for all contributing councils. 

• Benefit of researched funding opportunities for all contributing councils. 

• Assist with funding submissions 

• Promote cultural activities through extensive regional and state-wide networks. 

• Support of development and growth of creative industries for contributing councils.

• Connecting contributing councils to state and nationally funded cultural programs 

• Advocates for sound public art, cultural and economic development policy. • Access to region wide projects 

• Connection to creative industries across the entire Southern Tablelands region. 

• All contributing councils feature at the STA website. 

• Our contributing councils are part of a network with over $2million dollars investment from the NSW State Government

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0405 339 838  
Or by appointment at one of our
Mobile Office locations

PO Box 1323 Goulburn 2580
ABN 67 208 214 681


We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional custodians of the lands where we create, live & work. 

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