Cancelled. Creative Fitness Showcase

Unfortunately we will have had to cancel the Creative Fitness Showcase event on the 11th of May.  Exciting news is that there will be another opportunity to be part of the creative fitness program. More information soon!.

3 hours of Creative Health and Fitness highlights from the Southern Area health Service Funding for the Creative Fitness program designed and facilitated by Southern Tablelands Arts. Along with other groups funded by the Southern Area Health Service such as Fighting Fit developed by Mission Australia and the CWA healthy eating program will provide us with healthy lunch choices. The day will showcase health and fitness solutions in the Goulburn Region.

The Creative fitness program was a series of four exercise and fitness streams with a focus on connecting to our environment and getting outside for fitness and creativity.  With the workshops covering creative writing, ceramics, painting and storytelling and dance the workshops have developed an increase in access to fitness and community engagement on larger scale.

For more information please contact Caitlan on 4823 4407 or email [email protected]

LIMITED SPACES Creative Fitness | Dance with Zsuzsi Soboslay
Thursdays  2 and 9 May
From 4pm – 6pm

Creative Fitness Show Case Day
Saturday 11 May  11am -2pm Goulburn Waterworks

RSVP here 
or contact Caitaln on [email protected] or 48234407

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