Whohooo #mobiletech_hub upgrade for our computers. @TablelandsArts @RegionalArtsNSW #regionalartsandculture

#ALERT🚨Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued for Southern Tablelands forecast district. The most up to date warning available at the Bureau's website ⚠️ > https://t.co/sQrOkURJMc or call 1300 659 218.
#YassValley #SouthernTablelands #NSWSES #FRNSW #SouthernRanges #NSWRFS

How arts policies stack up for the NSW election - @ArtsHub have published a summary of how the major parties compare with each other, when it comes to the arts. https://t.co/4Xf3lckHFG

"This weekend’s election campaign has provided a clear choice when it comes to the future of live music and festivals and an industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the state."

That’s it - Scott Morrison has just CONFIRMED he raised anti-Muslim sentiment in the shadow cabinet meeting “to address them” “to seek to alleviate them” @theprojecttv in interview with Waleed Aly. It’s the question he walked out of yesterday @TheNewDailyAu

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