It seems we will all have to adjust to new realities, and the future is very bleak indeed if we do not do so in the context of the best available science. The Darling River is simply not supposed to dry out, even in drought via @ConversationEDU

Australia's 2018 in weather: drought, heat and fire but let’s not say #climatechange (just a little mention of climate warming at the end ) even though the report is about extreme weather #EndClimateSilence via @ConversationEDU

How many days will pass before we hear @ScottMorrisonMP make any constructive comments about the Darling? About an inquiry? Accountability? Remediation?

I’d say ‘how many grains of sand on a beach’?

This is a gaslighting tissue of lies. I live in Brisbane. There are no ethnic problems or violence in any suburbs this Nazi loving senator cites. I have called a senior contact in the Queensland Police Service who said there were no such threats or incidents. These are lies.

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