Why are we rolling out red carpets for Charlie Sheen, a man who has spent decades threatening to murder women, for a "tell all" Australian speaking tour? My column for the @smh on our long and sorry history of shrugging off domestic violence. https://t.co/ZP5IrDczNq

I hear such horror stories all the time. Came across one the other day, of public school where ENTIRE class has to share SINGLE text-book.
And yet Federal Government can find $4.6 Billion to give to private schools?
Beyond everything else, I would have thought political MADNESS https://t.co/LS1ItNwhYC

Can journos stop framing the Catholic schools slush fund as an “attempt to end the funding wars”? This IS the funding wars 1/2

What’s wrong with this picture? John Howard rejects quotas for women in the Liberal Party while launching book at a “men’s only” club.... 🤔 https://t.co/DnXLrMyMwz

"I don't think that #art can resolve a social problem but... it can develop a way of dealing with life that can help with other issues" - an artist working with the police in #RiodeJaneiro, by @sajajohnson https://t.co/duPDG2EkUU #security #Brazil

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