PAINT THE TOWN Street Art Festival –  @stapaintthetown for all the updates 

23 Sept – 8 Oct PTT across  Upper Lachlan. Goulburn Mulwaree starts 17 Feb 2024.

Nationally established artists working along side local talent to create murals that reflect our recovery journey since the 2019 black summer fires. Murals represent the voices and insights of fire effected community members through co-design workshops held with fire effected community members. A celebration of art that brings colour, vibrancy and culture to our region.
PAINT THE TOWN is the brainchild of Wollondilly based street artist Joe Quilter, who brought his dream of a street art festival to STA and before you could say abracadabra PAINT THE TOWN became a reality. Our only addition was to say let’s do four street art festivals and really have some fun.

Check out what’s been painted so far across Wollondilly and Wingecaribee 

Upper Lachlan 23 Sept – 8 Oct  

Cam Scale@camscale

Cam painted a wall in Tuena!

The community of Tuena are so keen for a PTT mural that they built a wall for Cam to paint in the heart of the town. Art – the only reason to bulid a wall 🙂
Cam Scale is a Melbourne based artist whose practice extends from large scale mural-work and graffiti to digital and canvas based art.  His work explores the complexities and characteristics of an individual or subject always capturing what surrounds him in a raw and emotive way as he combines contemporary art with a street based approach. 

Cam Scale@camscale


Sektor – @artofsektor
Sektor painted two murals in Dalton! 

“Healing Hearts, Renewed Hope” at The Royal Dalton Hotel is symbol of healing and renewal, acknowledging the profound impact that the 2019 fires had on individuals and the enduring need for community support and mental health awareness. At its heart, a delicate fairy wren perches on a branch, embodying vulnerability, and the importance of caring for one another. Encircling the wren is the wreath of the Rural Fire Service, a reminder of their tireless efforts.


“Strength in Unity” at Dalton Garage is a tribute to the unwavering strength and unity displayed by both the Rural Fire Service and the Upper Lachlan community during the devastating 2019 fires that swept through the regional and entire of Australia. In the centre, a king parrot perches on charred tree remnants, symbolizing the resilience not just of the local wildlife but also of the community and its courageous firefighters.

Sektor – @artofsektor

Jess Plumb – @mirrinmi_aboriginal_art

Jess painted this beautiful mural that has been installed outside Gunning Station!

Jess is a proud Gumbaynggirr women living and raising her young family in crookwell nsw. Jess describes herself as a contemporary Aboriginal artist with a strong connection to culture and country. Jess’ art tells a story or has a personal meaning behind it. She draws inspiration from real life experiences and hopes that people will find a connection to her art like she does.

Jess Plumb – @mirrinmi_aboriginal_art

Ed Mowatt – @ edddie__mo
Eddie at Gunning Scout Hall!

Hilltop’s artist and urban decorator.

“I love doing murals, I love doing public artworks…I found an interest doing street art as a teenager and I have thoroughly enjoyed making the world a more colourful place since then”. 

“I think any city with good street art, is a city with good life and it is a sign that a city has a lot of culture and excitement!”

Ed Mowatt – @ edddie__mo

Bohie has finished her mural in Crookwell!
BOHIE (she/her) collaborates with local and state governments, educational institutions, corporate partners, NGO’s, community groups and stewards of the natural world to design art projects for grass roots marketing and change-making campaigns. With over a decade of experience creating handcrafted signage and mural projects across Australia. BOHIE is passionate about expressing authentic storytelling in the public arena.


Uncle Cluggs – @unclecuggs
Uncle Cluggs is currently painting a mural Fatty’s Corner, Crookwell!

Cullen is an artist from crookwell and is originally from Canberra with a background in graffiti and calligraphy lettering. He also paints large scale aerosol and hand brushed realistic murals with works ranging from NSW to QLD and the ACT. 


Uncle Cluggs – @unclecuggs

PTT murals are co-designed by the community to reflect our experiences of the Black Summer fires. 
In the lead up to the PTT Festival STA partnered with Stephen Carroll to run two Co-Design Workshops in Tuena and Crookwell on 7 July . Fire affected community members shared their stories of the black summer fires and the journey of recovery since the fires. The workshop content was used to create briefs for all the artists to develop their PAINT THE TOWN murals. STA recognize the impact the 2019/2020 fires have had, and continue to have, on mental health. Each workshop is a supported forum facilitated by Stephen Carroll a qualified psychotherapist, credentialed mental health nurse & counsellor to ensure the psychological safety of all, and for appropriate supports to be offered.
More About Stephen Carroll –Stephen Carroll has 45 years experience of working in mental health. Stephen had undertaken training in trauma informed therapy. His experience covers hospitals, communities, drug & alcohol services, private practice and local GP and community health centres.

PAINT THE TOWN Wollondilly 

PAINT THE TOWN Wingecaribee 

PAINT THE TOWN GOULBURN MUWALREE starts 17 Feb 2024. Artists and locations COMING SOON

PAINT THE TOWN made it to the finals of the 2023 Local Government Excellence Awards. And we’re super proud 🙂

Words with Joe – VLOG
PTT Creative Director Joe Quilter dishes up the T on the origins and evolution of graffiti and public murals. WATCH HERE!


The STA car got a deadly makeover with an original work titled ‘Travelling Arts’ by Jess Plumb.  GET THE WHOLE STORY




PAINT THE TOWN project is funded by the Australian Government through the Black Summer Bush Fires Grants program.


CREW –Want to be part of PAINT THE TOWN?

We need musos and performers for each festival,  and VOLUNTEERS to join the crew to help artists and staff get this thing to happen. Yes you get a cool T-shirt and other merch.

Tell our festival coordinator – I’M KEEN.


Have you got the chops to be a PAINT THE TOWN ARTIST? We want to hear from you. Got talent need skills? PAINT THE TOWN will include skills building workshops.

Contact the festival coordinator to get on our radar.

PAINT THE TOWN is the brainchild of Wollondilly based street artist Joe Quilter, whose murals can be seen in Picton and around the country. Jo’s style consists of graffiti, calligraphy, stylised realism and abstract imagery. Joe will work behind the scenes to make PAINT THE TOWN a reality and out the front as an artists creating new works. Joe’s work can be seen all over.  See more of Joe’s work at Facebook or at his instagram @weitwo

The entire PAINT THE TOWN project is funded by the Australian Government through the Black Summer Bush Fires Grants program. 

Each PAINT THE TOWN Festival and program includeds the support of local Councils, business and orgs.


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