Join Peter from Hume Conservatorium to learn body percussion that you can create anywhere. Get a couple of friends together and see what the beats sound like as a group. Your body is the instrument! Body percussion is a fantastic way to warm up and a useful tool for creating music on your own or in a group. Body percussion can help you learn musical concepts such rhythm, beat and tempo. 

Look our for part 2 coming soon where we explore making beats with things you will find in your kitchen. 

Things you need:

  • Paper
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Post it notes (or paper pieces and blu-tak).

Other Beats to Try

Did you recognise the last song in the video?  Click here to find out if you were right.  See if you can do your Body Percussion for the whole song. 

Check out this great rainstorm soundscape tutorial from Musica Viva

See if you can keep up with the funky beats in the Song Dance Monkey

Check out how body percussion is performed around the world.

Try these patterns on the beat circle

Check out how body percussion is performed around the world.

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