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27 March Green Tape at Earth Hour Sculpture in the Gardens.

Green Tape is a  STA Top Spots funded project that incorporates an activist performance installation by Annemaree Dalziel leading the Sybil Disobedients, in the community Earth Hour Sculpture in the Gardens on 27 March 2021 at the Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens.

Green Tape is performative, participatory, and conversational, extending the notion of sculpture beyond static ideas of space and material into entrancing, socially responsive activism. In this way, Green Tape activates a community space, the Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens, inviting people to pause, reflect and respond.

The Sybil Disobedients emerged in response to COVID. The costumes ensure physical distancing and the slow gliding /spinning choreography draws attention to the agitprop-slogans on the skirts. In a series of street performance protests in 2020, Extinction Rebellion Wingecarribee discovered that the Sybil Disobedients calm and charm people. The gentle performers, striking costumes and slow, simple choreography regulate physiological responses to anxiety and trauma. Released from fight/flight/freeze responses, people seem to be able to talk, think, and feel about the terrifying ecological and climate issues we face, and imagine how to resist it.

Weaving together performance, conversation, participation and sloganeering, ‘Green Tape’ uses creative arts to draw peaceful and participatory attention to the climate emergency. COVID-safe, respecting the lives and health of those around us, it invites and encourages creative and imaginative response, the mesmeric choreography building hope, an antidote to sliding into despair.

In Green Tape, local artists, members of Extinction Rebellion Wingecarribee, artists from Western Sydney (Jagath Dheerakesaka) and the Illawarra (Linda Luke) invite local children to joining the Sybil Disobedients to take a spin and resist environmental destruction.

See Green Tape at Earth Hour Sculpture in the Gardens

Saturday 27 March 2021 at 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Gates open 5.00pm, Lights out at 7.30pm for Earthhour

Stop in for the Inaugural Sculpture in the Gardens exhibition and competition as the centre piece of our Earth Hour event. Live music. Refreshments available or bring your own picnic.

The Sybil Disobediants
The creel house, a tiny short term leafy habitation.

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