Writing about Art

My heart beating in someone else’s chest. My fear, my anxiety, my happiness, love, anger is moved to a different time and place. A different body. The world touches me, I touch a keyboard, a reader is touched.

I make a cup of tea before I write. I might not drink it, but making it is important. The warmth on my fingers reminds me where I am. That I am safe. The faster my heart beats, the more I feel in the words, the more necessary this gesture. The faster I write, the more frantic my strokes, my heart beats, my characters in danger. The reader is scared. They feel it in their own bodies. 

Like the monsters in my stories, I am connected to their fear. A nameless, faceless reader. But they have a body. Because they feel my heart in their chest.

– Artist Statement by Ceilidh Newbury written at the Goulburn workshop on Tuesday.

24 creatives from across the region took part in our Writing about Art workshop with Sarah Rice. Sarah had us thinking  about the different ways we can talk about our art, and ourselves as artists. When writing an artist statement we don’t need to stick with, I like wood, i work with wood. We can paint more colourful pictures and engage the reader straight away.

You have another chance to work with Sarah Rice in the Creative fitness program, more details here.


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