Winepress 18

Almost 30 people attended the fourth annual Winepress event and were treated to an afternoon of conversation about art, culture and writing with Kim Mahood and Sarah Rice.

The venue at Eden Road Wines set the scene for a lively discussion with local wine and cheese tastings. The authors focussed on their writing and arts practices offering insights to their methods, inspirations and practices in both visual arts and writing.

Sarah Rice read several poems for her book Fingertip of the Tongue and inspired the audience with an insight into how her poetry is formed and her lengthy editing process! Kim Mahood reflected on her life and experiences in remote areas of Australia and read passages from her book Position Doubtful.  The Discussion led by Evol McLeod was engaging and eye opening for all involved.

With thanks to the authors for their time and Eden Road Wines Murrumbateman for all their assistance. See you at Eden Road wines next November for WInepress 2019.

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