Arts & Culture Survey

Earlier this year Southern Tablelands Arts asked a number of questions about arts and culture in the region. We have some preliminary information about the responses but we are able to leave the survey open for a bit more time while we develop our strategic plan.

You can participate in the Survey by answering the ten questions relating to arts and culture in the region. This will let us know what your priorities are for the future and help to inform the Executive Director and the board about future directions for Southern Tablelands Arts.

The survey should only take a few minutes and your responses will remain confidential.

Preliminary Findings

People participating in the survey came from all over the region, with a large cross section of age represented, though mainly 35-79 years. Participants identified as working in mostly unpaid positions such as volunteering, and amateur or emerging artists with about 1/3 of participants identifying as professional artists, arts industry workers or other creative industry employees.

Most people continue to engage with us through newsletters and social media (almost 50%) while the rest engage through a wide variety of ways including, face to face, through networking events and through traditional media.

We found that The values of arts and culture in the region reflected a broad diversity of areas including industry, cultural expression, enrichment, recreation and as a form of social connection.

The five year focus showed that across the board Southern Tablelands Arts region has a committed community that is driving the cultural environment through performance, festivals and community events, visual arts, heritage and culture, indigenous cultural events and so much more.

Attendance in the region remain high for exhibitions, music, museums and community events with increase numbers attending professional development becoming involved in local arts and culture groups.

We asked you to rate the level of importance to certain types of cultural events in the region to inform the focus of the organisation into the future. The preliminary findings are below. To add your voice to the survey please visit and complete the survey.

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