Stories from the Studio – Mez Breeze

This week STA were thrilled to meet up online with Mez Breeze. Creator of experimental stories, Virtual Reality Literature, VR sculptures + paintings, XR experiences, games, and other genre-defying output.

“I first started using the World Wide Web to author digital works in 1994 and haven’t slowed since.

 At the moment I’m hindsight crafting – revisiting unfinished Virtual Reality [VR] works and 3D models and reworking them back to works-in-progress status. I’m re-examining ideas around how when sculpting in VR and 3D, the dominate aim seems to be to create forms that are whole, complete – not fractured or bifurcated: so I’m playing with exploding that very notion [think: Cubism or Fauvism in a VR space perhaps?].

 This week I received the amazing news that two of my works Perpetual Nomads and The Thing Tableau have been shortlisted for the 2020 Woollahra Digital Literary Award [yay!] There is even a Readers’ Choice Award if you want to vote for my work.

Mez’s website has a host of interactive 3D works to explore – simply amazing!

Image: Mez Breeze Still from Perpetual Nomads 

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