Spring Fling Combined Choir Concert

Save the Date

When: 27 October At 2pm

Where: Yass Soldiers Memorial Hall, Comur St, Yass, NSW 2582

Cost: FREE

Now in its third year now the combined choir concert this year called the Spring Fling aims to showcase local talent across the region and also bring together new choirs to foster a sense of community and engagement with participants who love to sing. The Combined Choirs Concert will showcase each choir individually and offer the members a chance to sing together.  It is anticipated more than 100 choristers will gather on the day to rehearse and sing for the community of Yass. This is an event not to be missed.


Maisie’s Choir (YASS)

Dante Musica Viva (CAnberra)

Good Vibes (YASS)

Canberra Community Voices (Canberra)

Bridge to Sing (Goulburn)


2 thoughts on “Spring Fling Combined Choir Concert

  1. Jennifer McCarthy

    Hi. I’m involved with two choirs in Goulburn and it appears that information regarding regarding your Comnined Choirs event has failed to reach us. The choirs I’m involved with are Contabile and Vocalocal, and are both under the umbrella of The Goulburn Regional Conservatorium. We love getting together with other choirs to sing and have been to the Hobart Festival of Voices, Wollongong’s Choirtly Loud choral get together and , most recently, the Blackheath Choir Festival.
    I’d appreciate some information about what we have to do to get the information about your weekend.
    Yours sincerely
    Jenny McCarthy

  2. Giselle Newbury Post author

    HI Jenny, I have seen the choirs i think at some point in Goulburn. The Choir concert is open to anyone to come along and watch. Each year the Combined Choirs Concert has been expanding and it possible that next year other choirs will be able to be included. If you could send me an email to [email protected] i can look into the 2019 Choir event for you.



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