Free Concert featuring Oasis and the Poetry of Dance

Oasis combines the mystery and beauty of Middle Eastern dance music with stellar players of Balkan, Middle Eastern and Western classical instruments. Let the bouzouki, oud, cello and darabuka weave their magic and find yourself entranced by the stunning dancer Paivi as she moves to exotic melodies and rhythms. ‘Oasis’ members Llew Kiek, John Napier, Andy Busuttil and the enchanting Paivi offer a feast of sight and sound; sit back and let the magic cast its spell.

This FREE concert on the 23rd of June at the Picton Botanic Gardens will help stave off the winter blues with the beautiful melodies of Oasis and possibly even a dance with Paivi!

Bring a chair and a blanket and get ready to be thoroughly enchanted by these amazingly talented musicians.

Oasis featuring the Poetry of Dance
Picton Botanic Gardens
23rd June

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