Earth and Sky – creative kite making

Did you know that clean energy production such as wind farms, supports threatened species by providing a source of power, cleaner air and water? No coal or gas mining, no waste and limited habitat removal during construction. Renewable energy is one step in the process of saving our threatened species.

Native animals need somewhere to eat, sleep and breed. So trees, hollows, woodlands, dead & fallen timber and bush rocks are all important for native animal survival. We need to leave these spaces for them. All living things (including us humans) also need clean air and water.

You can also harness the power of the wind by making your own kite. The video below shows you how to create a paper kite from an A4 piece of paper, complete with your own native animal drawing. It’s easy and fun.

Before you start  folding your kite you can decorate you piece of paper with a drawing of a native threatened species.

We have six local species that are under threat to inspire you. Tip: For your drawing use strong colours that you will be able to see when your kite is in the air.

Here’s what you will need to make your kite:

  • A4 paper – one piece per kite. Try to use recycled paper or find a piece that can be reused for your kite.
  • Tape – clear or coloured
  • A bamboo skewer or some stiff cardboard.
  • Some string – the longer your string the higher your kite can fly.

World Environment day happens every June 5th. Share your creations using #sta

Click for more about Threatened Species and what you can do to help.

STA run regular workshop  for kids. Check out all the fun we had at a previous version of the kite making workshop:

STA are proud to partner with the following organisations when delivering the  Blowing in the Wind workshops with Upper Lachlan Landcare. A workshop about clean energy production, the wind and our threatened native animals.


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