Creative Fitness

Get creative with your fitness! Can arts practices help with fitness, and get us moving, connecting and progressing with our fitness journeys? Studies have shown that engaging in arts activities can have tremendous advantages for health and well-being.  Participation has shown increases in memory, mobility, reduced social isolation and more.  Through dancing or writing or making art you can boost physical, social and mental well-being.

Southern Tablelands Arts is going to test this with the new Creative Fitness Program running through March and April using creative processes including writing, dance, ceramics and painting. Participants will have an immersive outdoor experiences with short periods of light exercise interspersed with creative practice in the beautiful environment of the Goulburn Waterworks.

During the program a personal trainer will attend to show participants tricks and tip for fitness at home and join us on short walks.  Participants will then respond to the environment through the arts practice with an experienced tutor.  No scales or weigh ins, boot camps or breathlessness for participants just beginning their fitness journeys.  This series of workshops will encourage people to step outside, connect with others and begin the process of finding their fitness through mild exercise, companionship and creativity.

You can sign up for one (or all) of the Creative Fitness Programs by clicking the links below

Please select all three dates if would like to come to the class each week. For more information please contact Giselle on 4823 4407 or email [email protected]


Creative Fitness | Writing with Sarah Rice

Thursdays 14, 21, 28 March

From 11am – 2pm (bring a picnic lunch).


Creative Fitness| Ceramics with Camille Kersley

Wednesday 27 March, 3, 10 April

From 11am – 2pm (bring a picnic lunch).


Creative Fitness | Dance with Zsuzsi Soboslay

Thursdays 11 April 2, 9 May

From 4pm – 6pm


Creative Fitness | Storytelling with Peter Swain 

Mondays 15, 29 April, 6 May.

From 4pm -6pm

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