Negotiating with Emotional Intelligence

Negotiating With Emotional Intelligence 

Negotiating with others is often a high wire balancing act. It requires patience, attentiveness  and sometimes more than a dash of courage. To be truly effective as a negotiator we also need to be emotionally intelligent.

If we are, we can maintain our equilibrium no matter how others behave, we can find ways of getting them onlside and we can still get to where we need to be.

This workshop explores

  • the crucial elements and applications of emotional intelligence;
  • how to identify when it is your behaviour that is triggering communications or negotiation breakdown and what to do about it;
  • practical ways of negotiating with integrity, sensitivity and tact;
  • how to implement emotioanlly intnelligent strategies that balance the need for outcomes with the relations needs of those involved;
  • applying emotional intelligence in large scale and coss cultural settings.

About the Facilitator

Rhian Williams is a Canberra based facilitator ad dispute management practitioner with over 21 yesars experience working with the government, buisness and not for profit sectors.  She is also a practising artist and her first children’s picture book is soom to be published by Walker Books.



For more information about this workshop call 02 48213350  or email  [email protected]

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