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The Wear of my Face

The Wear of My Face is an assemblage of passing lives and landscapes, fractured worlds and realities. There is splintered text and image, memory and dream, newscast and conversation. Women wicker first light, old men make things that glow, poets are standing stones, frontlines merge with tourist lines. Lizz Murphy weaves these elements into the strangeness of suburbia, the intensity of waiting rooms, bush stillness, and hopes for a leap of faith as at times she leaves a poem as fragmented as a hectic day or a bombed street. What may sometimes seem like misdemeanours of the mind, to Lizz they are simply the distractions and disturbances of daily life somewhere. There is a rehomed greyhound, a breezy scientist, ancient malleefowl, beige union reps and people in all their conundrums. You might travel on a seagull’s wing or wing through the aerosphere.

The Wear of My Face will be launched via Zoom on the 16th September at 6.00pm.
To register, please go to the Eventbrite website: 

The book will be launched by Merlinda Bobis, and while the event is free, registrations are required. Please join us and celebrate the launch of Lizz’s new book. Order the book before the launch using code FREEPOST and postage is free in Australia.

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