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Printing press

In the market for a printing press? Like to idea of one made locally?

Artists in Yass were looking for a new printing press and when they couldn’t find one made in Australia they reached out to local engineer to have one made.

The press is similar to a Woodzilla/ Pooki press (pictured). Very simple, A3 bed size, made from 5mm mild steel, 2 x18mm ply boards top and bottom and painted in basic zinc paint, with a bar style handle.

If you are keen to purchase one of these beauties and support the creation of an Aussie made printing press reach out to Judy Hancock via email  for more info and ordering details.

Test prints on the prototype last weekend went well.  An Australian engineered and manufactured product would be a terrific thing😉. Judy

Price is approximately $360 each.

Similar presses made overseas are well over $400 not including the cost of delivery to Australia.

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